Create your site tab icon in Blogger

Happy New Year, I hope you had an amazing time with family and stuffed your faces in delicious foods I sure did since my mother cooked our New Year’s Day meal and I have not had her cooking in a while since I do not live with my parents. This new year has given me a chance to start out a new series I have been wanting to do for a  while not just never had the guts nor the time to implement it so let me know what you think.

Have you ever wondered how some websites or even blogs have a personalised Favicon (otherwise called logo) installed? I certainly have, this year will be 2 years blogging in 7 months time and it only took me also a year and half to learn that I can actually do and make my own personalised logos for my main website A July Dreamer and this blog The Myrabev Life. I was very happy to find I can actually do this myself and do not have to pay anyone to do it which in the blogging world is always a bonus if you can do it yourself. 

You will notice that both my blogs have the same logo and this is by choice and not because I couldn’t be bother to do another one.

Today I will be sharing how I made my Favicon for The Myrabev Life blog and next week I will share how I made for A July Dreamer in 4 easy steps.
STEP 1: Using Photo editors like PicMonkey, create a logo that you want associated with your blog or site. I chose a red kiss since I am obsessed with red lipstick if my lipstick collection is anything to go by.

STEP 2: On Blogger, go to layout and in the top left corner click on edit Favicon.

STEP 3: Using the logo you created and saved on your desktop in step 1, upload the file. **Ensure for Blogger logos that its 100KB.**

STEP 4: Save the logo and save the layout then view your blog. 
For some it may take a few minutes to configure and show up so wait a few minutes before checking the Favicon widget if it worked or not.
There you have it, four easy steps and you have a logo of your own doing. I know as a blogger I open up a lot of tabs when commenting on blog posts so it makes it easy for me to locate what’s what and if my PC was ever to crush and I can not restore instead of going back and re-checking all I usually work with the logos.

Let me know if you found this useful, and if you try it and have difficulties let me know I am happy to help.