Create your site tab icon ~ WordPress

So you have survived the first few days of the new year, how do you feel? How is 2015 shaping up for you? 

As I mentioned last week I want to be doing some Blogging DIY posts, I do not know how long this will last but I hope to share what I have learnt in my almost 2 years of blogging. I am in no way claiming to be an expert, I am sharing what has worked for me and things I feel some new bloggers (even older) would appreciate.

Last week I shared with you how to Create Your Site Tab Icon for Blogger and received nice feedback, as I promised last week I am sharing today how to install the personalized tab icon for wordpress. My way is a simple way but only if you have installed Jetpack with your wordpress theme, I will share other alternatives that I found whilst doing my research to help those who do not yet have Jetpack plugin installed.

STEP 1a: Create the Icon you want to be associated with your blog, this is part of your branding and identity.
STEP 1b: Save this file on desktop as jpeg, png or .ICO format. The size of the file should be 16×16 pixels or 32×32 pixels and no more.

STEP 2: Jetpack (if installed), add the widget called Site Icons which can be located on the Jetpack dashboard.

STEP 3: Go to settings then click General, scroll to the bottom and upload the favicon file you saved on your desktop. Click save at the bottom of General settings and that’s you done.

For those who do not have Jetpack installed I found these two nice articles which I think are really good and simple enough to help you add the favicon or tab icon to your wordpress site or website.

I hope this was helpful, let me know your thoughts and add any comments on how this could be improved or even done better.