{Blogging DIY Series} How to insert widgets into a post ~ Instagram and Twitter

I am sure by now you are more than aware or have picked up from other bloggers how to insert different widgets into your posts. It did take me over a year to actually find out how to add widgets like instagram, pinterest, facebook and twitter into a post. I was very curious but never knew exactly how to search for it because believe you me I didn’t even know they were called ‘widgets’, since I have started blogging I have learnt so many terms it’s funny when I say them to none bloggers they look at me like I just walked back from Mars or some mental institution near by. For those new to blogging or those who have just never ventured out into finding out but have been curious I will show you how to add these widgets into your posts and next time when you feel like sharing a picture which you don’t have a copy of on your desktop and its only either on instagram, facebook, twitter or pinterest see how to share them easily plus encourage engagement and drive traffic to your blog from social media sites

1. Instagram – Go to your instagram page and click on picture you want to include in post. In the bottle right hand corner there those weird dots, hover over it and it will display embed. Click on this, copy the code and paste in HTML part of the blog post. In both blogger and wordpress change view by clicking HTML for blogger and TEXT for wordpress and paste the code. ** Leave space before you start typing anything as if you accidentally type into the code when you continue with your post, the picture won’t display it will appear blank when post is published.**
2. Twitter – Go to your twitter page, create your tweet and post it. Then go to your twitter profile, find the tweet you want to include in post. Click on the tweet and in bottom right click (or if there is picture its usually on top right of picture) on the dots and choose embed code, do same thing as Instagram and you’re set.

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What I love about using widgets is that gives people a chance to quickly retweet your tweet if embedded a twitter and for Instagram they could easily like and even follow you Instagram. As bloggers we know its all about making it easy for the readers to follow us on as many social networks also it gives them a chance to notice that you’re active on your social accounts its not just for the follow numbers.
I will be sharing the Facebook and Pinterest tips next week, I hope you found this useful and relevant. If you struggle or need help, I am always on twitter so get in touch or drop me an e-mail.
  • I love using Instagram embeds in my post. It really helps the post become more interactive and awesome. This is definitely helpful.

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  • Before I started blogging I did not know what a widget was but happy that I do now.

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  • I am really glad to know i was able to help and made things easier

  • Thanks Heather, its easier than most people think.

  • You're welcome and hope you manage to IG embed

  • It's amazing once you learn how to do its so much fun, I hope am able to teach other bloggers who were not familiar with this embedding business.

  • You welcome Eileen, I try to embed as often as I can

  • I am very glad to have learnt how to embed widgets into post its made things just that bit better

  • Thanks Tracey, I hope this was useful

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  • When new to all these terminologies may seem scary but once you learn it's so easy

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  • You're most welcome and yes they do actually help with blog traffic

  • I love the quote in that picture. It is absolutely true. Fear holds way too many people back from achieving their dreams

  • This is an awesome post and I never knew what widgets were before now. I never know what embedding was used for either. Thanks so much for sharing.

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  • This was a super great idea for a post as I'm sure a lot of people would like to know how to do this. I've used the instagram embed to embed an Instagram video into a post before 🙂

  • What a great tutorial! I should really be embedding more of my instagram pictures in my posts, but I always forget. Thanks for sharing!

  • This is a great tutorial! Embedding can be a pain to figure out sometimes! Pinterest is one I love to embed on my recipe posts.

  • Oddly enough I have never embedded an instagram photo into one of my blog posts, not sure why exactly, but this is definitely good to know! Great Share!

    Happy Wordless (or not so wordless) Wednesday! 🙂

    Tracy @ Ascending Butterfly

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  • Great article. Widgets are actually a lot easier to install than you'd think.

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