{Blogging DIY Series} How to insert widgets into a post ~ Facebook and Pinterest

Hi there and welcome to the last DIY post for January, I have enjoyed doing these DIY posts and even more so enjoyed the feedback from you my readers. I will continue the DIY posts when I have the need to change something on my blogs but for the mean time I think I have covered what I wanted to achieve in January of 2015. Which brings me to the shock of this week being the last week of January 2015, I have no idea where time is rushing off to but I can not complain as so far into 2015 the lord has blessed me tremendously.

As I mentioned 2 weeks ago when I shared how to insert widgets into a post for Twitter and Instagram I would share with you how to insert Facebook and Pinterest widgets into a post and that day has come. Ever since I started inserting widgets into my posts I have noticed an increased interaction on my social media as well as an odd (1 or 2) new followers via insert these widgets. This has firmed my belief that adding widgets into posts does help with social engagement and allows your readers to follow you much more easily than having to click your social media icon.
Adding Facebook and Pinterest widgets into your blog is as simple as drinking water and I will show you how.


1. Log into your facebook account and choose what post/picture on your personal page or fan page that you want to include into your post.

2. Once chosen, hover your mouse over the right hand corner of that post/picture and a down arrow will appear.

3. Click the down arrow and options which be shown, choose & click the last option ‘Embed Post’
4. This will open up the widget and how it will look, what I love about Facebook embed is that you have the option to adjust the widget of that widget. You can make it larger or small to fit your post area.

5. Copy the html once you have edited your width (optional) and insert that into the post. For blogger in the post click the HTML tab and for WordPress click the text tab. And that’s it done, now lets move to the next widget.


Follow Myrabev Lifestyle’s board Christmas on Pinterest.

1. Log into your Pinterest account, choose the board you want to share.
2. In the right corner you have three options, click on the dots (…) and three options will appear. Choose make a widget and widget html code will appear with preview of what your widget will look like.

3. Copy the html into your blog post area (see #5 for Facebook above).

That’s you done for Pinterest, easy peasy.
Would love to hear your thoughts on how you found this tutorial. 

  • This is so cool! Thanks so so so much for posting this! I am going to use this tutorial to put the widgets on my blog when I have time. I love tutorials like this that have pictures and show you exactly what to do! Awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  • What great tips and little picture tutorials you got going on here. I knew about the pinterest way, but is that a new option with facebook? I've never noticed that before, then again I never really looked either, lol. Either way, very cool.

  • Great duo of lesser-known widgets to showcase; both can be great, distinctive self-promotion. I think it may be a good way to 'balance' out the social media channels… I've found that for some inexplicable reason, IG always gets clicked on, but not the others. Will have to try highlighting them this way. 🙂 Thanks for this DIY!


  • This is such a great, easy way to bring other social media accounts directly into blog posts. I love the look of it in other posts and should really start adding them to my own.
    Thank you for this- I never put "widget" in Pinterest together with this and always thought of it as those sidebar images that we have the option of adding in WP 😛

  • Adding widgets is just simple. It's as simple as installing plugins as well in WordPress. I'm so glad that we don't have to do any programming because the user interface is so friendly. I'm sure your quick tutorial would be of help to a lot of people. 🙂

  • Wow, you are really on a role with the blogging tips series! I love step by step tutorials, especially with photos of the steps because then I always know exactly where I am and whether I am doing it right. I think you should make a little e-book of everything!

  • I honestly had no idea you could do this! I would love to insert pins or tweets into my posts for my readers to read! Thank you SO MUCH for this awesome DIY!

  • This is such a great and informative post! I had no idea the majority of these features existed. I'm pinning this to reference later when writing blog posts. I know it is going to come in so handy. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • I have been blogging for some time now. However, you will not believe that I never knew how to do this. Thanks for sharing this with me now I can enhance my blog posts for sure.

  • I think I am a little bit confused by this. Is inserting a widget essentially just a clickable image? I've clicked on some of the text and images in this post, and each brings me to your facebook/pinterest page. I know how to create clickable HTML and bring people to certain pages in a different way, but am not sure if this is just a different method of doing that.