{Blogging DIY Series} How to add Google fonts ~ WordPress

A couple of weeks ago I shared how to add Google fonts to blogger, most of us know how unflattering the default fonts that blogger has and for the entire time I had been blogging I always wondered how some bloggers managed to get really cute fonts. I always thought I had to pay to have anything on my blogs changed and to begin with I did but this year I thought I take the plunge and learn how to do it myself. It’s been a really fun process learning all these cool tips and tricks and I have been enjoying sharing them with you and I am sure most of you know already but I hope one or two will find these useful or maybe a new blogger might stumble upon this post in the future and find it useful.

As I mentioned in the blogger version of how to add fonts I am happy to help if you can’t understand or something is not working as shown, tweet me and I will help.
The process is easy and for someone like me who is not HTML code savvy if I can do it trust me it’s a doodle (you can do it). 
Step 1: Go to Google fonts page and choose the font you want, since with blogger I showed you how to add one font and briefly mentioned how to add multiple fonts I will share how to add multiple fonts to wordpress.

step 2: Once you have chosen the fonts by clicking add to collection, click on review at the bottom of the page (in collection) and it will move you to the next page where all the codes are.

Note: The fonts you have chosen will be embedded in one code line which is what you need for the next step.

Step 3: Copy the code and navigate to your WordPress template (dashboard – appearance- editor) on the right hand side click on header. Once header code is up find the fonts code to replace with your new code. **Remember to save once you add new code**

Step 4: To add the different font styles you picked out, head to CSS styles (bottom right). In the css styles search for “font-family” and this will display the different areas e.g ‘body post, sidebar, header font’ etc. All you need to do is head back to Google fonts and choose which font you want for each section and replace what’s there with the new font style. **only replace what you adding i.e. Font-family; sanif;curve. Nothing more **


If you want to change the size of the font for your posts either add a line below the font style (if not there like mine) or just increase/decrease the font size number.  
I hope you found this DIY post useful, please let me know in comments section also if you need help let me know.

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