Top FIVE (5) Friday

Happy Friday y’all, it’s official we are only 6 days away from christmas and though I sound like I am very excited which honestly I am but I am also scared and I know I sound like a broken record but I still have NOT bought any presents for my family and friends. I used to be such an organised person who usually had presents picked out by end of November – not always wrapped but picked up and ready to deliver.
This year it’s a different story which I will not continue to bore you with but instead I will share with you my Top 5 Friday and yes you are not seeing things this is a series that I started a while back on my main blog 
A July Dreamer. I thought today I share it on here because I do actually have 5 things I am excited to share with you.
  1. Traveling for Christmas ~ The traveling begins today for me, I am heading back to my parents for the festive holidays and then tomorrow we heading up north to Leeds to visit my brother, SIL and my favourite nephew. I am so excited I can not wait to see them, though I saw them last month it’s been a while and I missed them. Traveling will continue since I will be working from home Monday & Tuesday before Christmas then Monday & Tuesday plus half day Wednesday before New Year so I will mostly be on the road with my laptop and headset.
  2. OZ Naturals ~ I finally received my very own face serums to try out from the lovely OZ Naturals. I was very excited to be contacted to review their products. So far I do love the serums, they make my skin feel soft and surprising the Vitamin C serum has reduced my oily-ness its been kept at bay for over 7 hours which is perfect as that’s all I need (to be covered at work). I am using the 5% Hyaluronic Acid serum at night before bed, since my toner is made from Hyaluronic Acid too I am happy to use these together but not too much just small dabs on cotton pads and only applying serum once toner has been absorbed into the skin. The second serum is 20% Vitamin C serum which does contain some Hyaluronic acid and Amino blend I am using in the morning with same toner and using it same as the 5% Hyaluronic acid serum. 
  3. Emma learn’s to sprout ~ This is a beautiful and well written children’s book by Shir Guez, when the author contacted me to review Emma learn’s to sprout I was very pleased as I love reading children’s books and just books in general. They take me on an adventure as that’s what this book will do for your kiddies (and adults alike I learnt something new). I loved the good use of grammar not too complicated and I did not spot any easy mistakes, I have one critic which is though it’s teaching the children the process of sprouting and the stages involved I felt if I was a parent practicing this with my not so patient child they would lose it but then again if explained well enough I think it’s great. You can buy a copy of this book on amazon, get your littles interested in sprouting.
  4. Good Night Jungle ~ How many of you my lovely mummy readers have ever sat down and explained to your littles how everyone has their own night routine. Ok I hear you I will shut up since explaining is not on the cards since most can not even convince the littles to go to bed without a fight. Well Leela Hope the author of Goodnight Jungle contacted me so I can share this lovely book with you. She explains the night routine using the jungle and I think she has done a wonderful job. The book is not too long, it gets to the point without missing the essential teachings as it uses words your littles can understand and appreciate. I think it’s a well written book which is worth your read and I know some lovely readers are looking for new books to read there littles so here you go two books served on platter (you welcome 🙂 ).
  5. Groopdealz ~ Tis the season so I thought I share some amazing deals I have spied. I have been loving Groopdealz a lot especially the wooly hats they have, they are so cute I couldn’t pass these up and wanted to share.
Finally I wanted to say thank you to all of you my lovely readers and fellow bloggers, it’s been a hell of a tough year but LOOK AT ME NOW. Happiness has it’s ups and downs but JOY is eternal (can not remember the blogger I read this from but thanks).
I am wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year in case I do not see you around these parts before then.
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  • I hope you had a lovely Christmas Myrabev! The Goodnight Jungle book sounds lovely, one I have to look up for my little boy, although he LOVES his sleep 🙂

  • You welcome 😊

  • I am always looking for a great book suggestion. Thanks so much!

  • Thanks Eileen, hope you get a chance to read some books

  • I only become aware of them a couple months back but i do love their deals

  • Thank you Rebecca, I am loving the OZ products so far

  • Thank you Courtney, Merry Christmas to you too

  • Thanks Vanessa, wishing you the same

  • Hahaha never been good under pressure for presents but sometimes its fun like that, happy holidays x

  • It was my little nephew turned 2 last month +Nina Say

  • Thanks Michelle

  • Hope you like them

  • Thanks Esther and yes I have been thinking of doing that actually but will see

  • Thank you and same for you too x

  • awww bless, hope you all get better soon and not have it over christmas.

  • Oh wow, you will be doing more traveling than me but all is fun and worth it in the end

  • Hope your daughters enjoy it, happy holidays to you too

  • Thank you, we did x

  • Have fun and a safe trip! I've been meaning to read more, so I'll definitely check those books out!

  • I love Groopdealz, they have such great deals! I love what it supports 🙂

  • This is a great list of things to be excited about. Travel save and have fun. The OZ Naturals serum sounds amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  • Have a fun and safe trip!!! And merry Christmas ❤❤🎄🎄❤❤

  • Enjoy your Christmas travels. Have a lovely Saturday.

  • Good luck getting your shopping done! Sometimes it's easier to do when you're under pressure and you have no time to second guess yourself. Happy Holidays!

  • That looks like a super fun party! I'll definitely check out the books 🙂

  • Great books! They look good 🙂 Will check them out.

  • Sounds interesting! I will going to check on those books. Happy Holidays!

  • it can be such a stressful time. you should just try to get your family on board for donating money to charity instead.. hehe so much less stressful this year! 🙂 safe travels!

  • Happy travels and may you have a very happy hholiday season with your family.

  • I hope you have a fabulous holiday and new year. We all have the flu and travel is off our radar at the moment. We were planning to but just getting out of bed is a chore in itself. I've fallen in love with those wooly hats and need to get a couple or I won't be satisfied. I've used some Dr Oz products in the past and they are amazing.

  • Oh, I feel you on traveling for the holidays! I will be headed to Berlin for the next several days and then all over Sweden. Keeps ya busy though!

  • Happy Holidays! Enjoy your trip! I will have to check out Good Night Jungle – I am willing to bet my daughters would LOVE it!

  • Have a safe trip! I hope you and your family have a great time.

  • Sounds like you are going to be super busy. I will be checking out those books you mentioned.

    • Thanks Michelle, I most certainly will. Happy holidays and hope you like the books