oh.. Not so wordless wednesday

Hi there and welcome to my oh..so not wordless wednesday, part of this post will be filled with manly pictures and widgets but partly wanted to remind everyone of the 2 ongoing giveaways I have on the blog (unfortunately only open to UK residents) and they close in exactly 4 days. If you in the UK or know someone who is don’t hesitate to share this post with them. Please also note the giveaway prizes will be sent by the sponsors and not me, for the books giveaway I will send the winner details to the sponsor.

Meal Planning – cooking my chilli sauce in advance
Chilli beef with cucumber, cheese, natural yoghurt and doritos

Salami Baked breakfast pots

Baked for 20 minutes: Bread, then put salami, drop raw egg in and top with cheese and bake.
New found favourite snack bar

Can’t remember the name but was yummy – had them at a blogger event

  • Hahaha I am so posting them hope they reach you lol

  • Hahahaha you should totally come lol and thanks love these books and the discount card

  • Your blog post is wordless but it is mouthful! hahaha

    Now I am craving for all the food posted here specially the Chili Beef! I love chili beef and look at those cheese! Send some here! hahaha

  • OMG remind me not to look at all this yummy food when I'm hungry. Can I come over to your house to eat? haha. Love the books for the giveaway too, those are too cute.

  • Thanks Yona

  • Thanks Terri, I enjoy making chilli

  • Thanks I love and enjoy making the chilli

  • A shame indeed, thanks i love my chilli big time

  • OMGoodness…I want to make Salami Baked Breakfast Pots; I've never incorporated salami in a meal for breakfast before! Those look really really good! I love an entree that has a nice baked crust and this looks like it fits right in. I'm lovin' the food pics overall.

  • My goodness your food looks awesome, especially that chili. I need to make a pot this weekend. Thanks so much for sharing and for the amazing giveaway.

  • The chili looks delicious and simple to make. I don't think we have all the ingredients here in the US.

  • That are some really cool giveaways, it is really a shame that I'm not a UK resident. The Chilli beef with cucumber, cheese, natural yoghurt and doritos looks absolutely delicious. I would also love to try out the breakfast pots.

  • Thanks Lauren, I appreciate that

  • It's winter here too but my local store stocks nice cucumbers so eating lots when I can. Thank you

  • I now love making my own chilli so much that the store one would have to be awesome for me to use it

  • Thanks Hun and sorry giveaway is UK only

  • wow those recipes look really great! Thank you so much for sharing your fun thoughts! I love your blog!

  • Your chili beef sauce looks so yummy. I love that you paired it with cucumbers and cheese. It's winter here so we're not eating a lot of cucumbers now. Your pictures make me want one. I'd love to try the salami pots.

  • The foods you have look so delicious. I wish I had the inspiration to make my chili from scratch, I always get it in a jar but it's so bland these days. I also wish I could enter your giveaway as my son loves books but unfortunately I'm in Ireland and not the UK.

  • The salami baked breakfast pots looked super delicious! I would want to grab those for either breakfast or brunch in any day. Those will be perfect as well as snack in the office. Is this giveaway also for international audience?