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As most of you know since I returned from my vacation I made a decision to start cooking again and no more takeaways or eating out every night. This is the best decision I have made in a very long time, I am enjoying cooking so much that its become 2nd nature to me. Today I made my very first lasagne and its yummy I have enough left to carry to work tomorrow. I also baked my first cookies (kinda just mixed things up and added some raspberries and they are too yummy.
I have noticed it is not as hard as I thought to eat healthy, it is so simple and I do not really have to spend an arm and a leg to buy healthy foods. I have noticed Sainsbury actually stock healthy foods on reasonable prices, I have always depended on Aldi and lidl for healthy but cheap foods.

Breakfast –>  I am now a changed person, I eat breakfast at home before I leave for work and if I am rushing I pack either the granola with fruits or the porridge with banana, raisins and honey.

Lunch –> My lunches vary these days but mostly contain some sort of salad, today at work I had beef stew with salad (I know very original but thats how I wanted it).

Dinner –> This also varies, sometimes I feel like eating warm foods and other times I just have a salad which mostly is mackerel salad.

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  • Thanks all of it was

  • I have been losing weight nicely since I started cooking my own meals

  • Never tried maple syrup but I will

  • I am enjoying my cooking so its great

  • Thank you

  • Its hard but if I can make it trust me you can lol x

  • Thank you Anyana, glad to have inspired you.

  • Experiment is the key I think

  • I love cooking my meals too. I started getting upset stomachs all the time and since making my own meals they've virtually stopped!

  • Yum! I enjoy cooking too~ 🙂 As an alternative to honey, perhaps you might be interested in trying out maple syrup? The maple flavor is so perfect for fall for me, especially with some minced cooked apples/chunk applesauce. :9


  • So great that you're getting back into cooking – I always find it so much more satisfying than just going out for dinner constantly!

  • Looks good! I'm not a cook at all but this looks fairly simple

  • Everything looks so amazing!!! I'm hungry now 🙂 I need to be better about not eating out so much as well…it's just so hard!

  • Oooh girl, you have just inspired dinner tonight — beef stew and salad (low carb for me is the game). This looks freaking AWESOME. Thanks for the inspiration. Congrats on you keeping up with the cooking and eating healthy.

    Thrifting Diva

  • Oatmeal always looks and smells so good but I just can't get into it! I might have to experiment to find the perfect combination.

  • Its even better that hubby cooks for you, I am surprised by how much portion control I have I didnt realise it until last night when I was cooking meals for the rest of the week.

  • Its the only way I think and thank you.

  • You have so much more control when you make your own meals at home – on portions, on ingredients – it makes a world of difference. I say that, but my hubby is the one that does all the cooking!

  • Cooking your own food is the best way to go. That stew and salad look delicious!

  • hahaha love the connection hun x

  • Lucky girl indeed, I always cook after work coz its the only time I can. I wake up usually at 4am and not in best mood to cook or even best time lol

  • Definitely checking you out hun, I could do with some inspiration thats for sure.

  • awww sooowi

  • sooowi lol

  • Ta hun x

  • sooowi x

  • Thanks Chelsea

  • Start simple, salads here and there then one hot meal here and there and before you know it it will be the norm

  • Thanks hun, its a great feeling x

  • Important meal of the day gat to look pretty lol

  • Thanks x

  • Thanks and I agree planning is the key here

  • Thanks for stopping by x

  • awww thanks and sooowi lol

  • Thanks Nancy x

  • I can certainly arrange that hun x

  • me too, it is so yummy x

  • Thanks hun and good luck

  • Thanks hun, if not able pack it and take with you to work then have it there x

  • Everything looks delicious and now I'm rumbly in my tumbly! <3 ::Winnie the Pooh tummy rub::

  • Mmm this all looks delicious! I love cooking, but don't always get a lot of time after work. The boyfriend is cooking for me tonight though – lucky!

    Katie <3

  • So great that you're cooking at home so much now – I started doing 5-night weekly meal planning last year and it was life changing. I now love cooking and it's become such a ritual! If you ever need meal planning inspiration, hop over to Gloss and Coffee 🙂

  • You've made me so hungry! 🙂 All of this looks delicious! 🙂

  • Yum! totally tasty!

  • Oh my gosh, I am just getting ready for bed and now I am STARVING, haha 🙂

  • these all look delicious!

  • Oh gosh, Im so hungry now!

  • Your breakfast always looks SO good! I have been cooking a lot lately too and I love it.

  • I need to make myself start cooking more. It's so much better for me but I'm lazy about it.

  • I always feel 200% better when I cook for myself. Good for you for making great things happen!

  • The breakfast looks so yummy!!!

  • This looks delicious! I definitely need to try to cook more.

  • Looks like you're already well on your way to your goal of eating healthier. I've found that eating well has a lot to do with planning–just like you're doing with your lunches!

  • What a fantastic resolution of cooking everything. And a yummy giveaway too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • This whole post just made me soooo HUNGRY. OMG everything looks awesome!

  • Love all the food – yummo!

  • I would like to see more giveaways. 🙂

  • I love adding honey to my yogurt! Yum

  • Yum! I entered the giveaway. Xo

  • that granola with banana looks delicious! I really need to start eating breakfast at home!