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When you think about healthy habits, what comes to mind? Do you think about your eating habits and question if you are eating healthy enough? Or do you think about the last time you exercise or went to the gym? Or do you completely ignore it because being healthy is different for everybody? I am guilty of these three, I check what I eat when I am talking about being healthy and also ask myself the last time I exercised and not necessary going to the gym but any simple exercise at home. When all else fails then I feel its important to think about my needs and I think ‘being healthy’ it is different for everyone. Today I will share with you my 3 healthy habits which I am still improving every day.

A long time ago I used to enjoy cooking and creating small but cute little meals in the kitchen, then things changed as I mentioned I went to university and moved in with people who enjoyed cooking and I wanted to take a seat back to be the one that enjoys someone else’s cooking for a change. But now that we no longer living together and I am tired of eating ready meals (even if I picked the ‘healthier options) I have decided to call upon my old love and start cooking again. My loyal readers remember and have seen me throw up a couple of simple and easy going recipes for the last few weeks and I am just growing stronger.

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Ever since I left my parent’s house for university then for my job I have always lived at least 15-20 walking distance away from the nearest bus stop or train stop to work. This has been a personal decision because I work in an office 9-5 and hardly have time to do any exercise so I figured a 15-20 minute walk to and from work is very beneficial for my health. Obviously at work I do not just sit without moving around but that is more to the kitchen, ladies or photocopier and that is all so I needed to incorporate more into my daily routine.

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Drinking water and sleeping
Those who know me personally know that drinking water is a real struggle, I would rather drink orange juice, Fanta etc than drink water. I will drink water if the meal I am having calls for it or if the water is flavoured, I love flavoured water. Sleeping is very important, especially in this technological era we live in. I have noticed lately that if and when I switch off all my electronics 30 minutes to 1hr before bed I do get a very good nights’ sleep and feel refreshed in the morning. If i am refreshed in I have the urge to cook and I am even happier to take the longer route to my bus stop than normal, the opposite is true if I don’t get a good nights rest or my insomnia starts to act up.

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Last night I read this article ‘Healthy habits aren’t just for January‘ and I think that is so true, every January we make all these resolutions on how we are going to change for the new year and how will start exercising to which most do but by march most have burnt out. This article talks about benefits of walking when you can, planning meals in advance and cutting down on processed foods. What caught my attention was the mention of being ‘office active‘ and what kind of problems you might suffer otherwise ‘list not exhaustive’. I work in an office and I always try to spend 5 minutes every hour looking away from my computer screen, I will admit there are times when I forget because I am so caught up in whatever I am doing but is ok once in a while not constantly cause this could lead to eye problems, I know someone who is suffering with this ‘looking at computer causes this person’s eyes to go red and become painful’.

Being healthy is a personal choice, you only get one body treat it properly and care for it dearly. Only you know what healthy means to you and your body, there so many diseases in the world do not give them the upper hand work and fight for your body’s well being. Being healthy does not need to be expensive, buy produce from farmers if possible they are normally cheaper than stores.

What are some of your healthy habits? Do you exercise or eat healthy?


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