{Day 24} Day #13 Travels thus far

Hi there and welcome to you, if you knew here I hope you here to stay and occasional visits are welcome. As I mentioned in my 11 months ago post this year has been one long and hard year but it has also been a blessing in disguise and I have learnt so much about myself. One thing I did manage to do was quite a bit of travelling and not all extravagant but travelling nonetheless, I went abroad twice and within the UK twice so not bad compared to my once (actually twice but one don’t count) within the UK last year and none abroad. This year was the year I wanted to prove to myself that I can do certain things and I do not need to depend on anyone to get it done (family excluded because no matter what I want to depend on them as much as they should depend on me). So what did I get upto this year apart from moving apartments 3 times this year?

January – March: minor trips in and around Oxford, Peterborough, Cambridge, Norwich and Bedford.


Easter – I travelled back to my parents in cambridge (I do this almost every weekend) but this was extra special. We did so much together as a family and we even saw my brother and his family.

Summer (June) – My parents and I with my sister we went to Munich for a church convention which we also turned into a family vacation and stayed a couple days extra. This was fun, as I mentioned in my 11 months ago post we had not had a family vacation together (though bro was missing) in over 15 years but saying that we did manage to go to Stirling in Scotland (again bro missing).

Travels thus far
Mummy, little sister, Daddy and I

Travels thus far
My parents and I

August – A couple of friends and I managed to head up to Sheffield where we stayed and managed to party in Leeds two nights straight. Drinking was no joke and my liver suffered but its recuperated now.

Travels thus far
Me in yellow with besties

Early September – Again with the same group of friends (2 excluded) we managed to book an apartment in London and stayed for 2 nights and 3 days and we partied for 2 nights straight and I realised I am getting too old for this.

Late September – I travelled to Zambia on my own lonesome and had the best time ever, already planning to head back February 2015 (as well as May 2015) so excited. Seeing family and friends after so long was epic, making new friends was even better.

travels thus far
Me on right side

October – Moved to new apartment and the only travels have done have been to and from Oxford (well I now have accommodations in Oxford).

November – Apart from my trips to London I have not really done much significant travellings this month but I have more planned next month and I am so excited. The best thing that happened this month was celebrating my nephew’s 2 year old birthday.

Travels thus far

Travels thus far
3 Generations: Brov, Nephew and Daddy
Travel wise – what have you been up to this year?
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