{Recipe} Simple Salmon meal

Hi there and welcome! I am still basking in my own joy because I have finally gone back to cooking!no more take aways. I just love how I can come up with different recipes, even better the web is full of them. I must confess I am yet to fully follow a recipe to the T, all of them so far I have made major alterations but that’s ok that’s called cooking (ha self praise). Now let me share with you my quick and easy salmon meal I had the last night.

Salmon fillets
Spring onions, chopped finely
Chilli, chopped finely
Lime juice (zest too if prefer) 1 tablespoon 
Cooking oil 1 tablespoon 
Heat the cooking oil and fry the salmon for 5 minutes or till crisp and make sure you start with the skin part. 
Once cooked or crisp, turn on to the sides and cook for 2 minutes each side. 
… Put aside once done…
Melt a knob of butter in the pan, once done fry the spring onions, chilli plus lime zest (if included) for 3 minutes then add the lime juice. 
Pour the sauce you just made onto the salmon and serve with either a salad or rice. I chose rice cause I needed a full and filling meal. 
This is a light meal which can be eaten at anytime, it is easy to prepare and delicious. What do you think? Do you like salmon? If so how do you like yours cooked?
  • I too love salmon and thanks x

  • I enjoy grilling salmon then squeezing lime juice over it when done. Your recipe looks like a great one I can try in the kitchen. 🙂

  • Love salmon and am always looking for a new recipe. I'll definitely be trying this one!

  • I wish I liked fish, this would be such a healthy dinner option.

  • Looks good, even though I don't eat seafood! haha

  • This looks great really simple and delicious 🙂

  • Awww thanks Karissa appreciate that

  • Wow it looks like you are a good cook. It looks delicious.

  • Thanks Heather x

  • Thanks, I want to incorporate it more in my diet

  • Thanks x

  • Oh my gosh! This looks SO GOOD! I LOVE salmon! 🙂

  • Looks super tasty – I'm a big fish fan and have it almost every day for lunch, so this would work perfectly for me.

  • Oh goodness this looks yummy! I love salmon!

  • Looks like I know what I'm making for dinner this week!

  • I was planning on having it potatoe salad, thanks x

  • I am so gonna try that on Tuesday night, thanks x

  • We make salmon at least once a week. Either raw as sashimi, or pan fried and then served over rice or udon noodles. My hubby also makes it with parchment paper in the oven, which has a steamed effect – delicious. We make extra pieces and then eat it cold with potatoes or salad – we eat a LOT of salmon!

  • I love salmon too! I usually brine it with olive oil lemon juice and herbs and cook both sides lightly- this looks absolutely delish!

  • Hahahaha I love that "fabricate the heck out if a 25 pounder" I might just need to see that lol x

  • Thanks Taneja x

  • I agree with Amby its sign of laziness in the kitchen if the chef serves salmon with bones in it. This one I bought from sainsburys has no bone what so ever x

  • Thanks and let me know when you try it, I think sometimes we just need the courage to try something new x

  • Thank you it was a feast indeed x

  • Your photos are great! I am not a huge salmon fan myself but can fabricate the heck out of a 25 pounder! hehe!

  • Ugh! That's so avoidable and hopefully you don't have that experience in restaurants. It's a sign of a lazy cook/chef.

  • Wow, delectable photos of the salmon! It looks delicious! <3

  • Looks delish! I don't really love salmon – it's tasty but I'm always so put off by the ridiculous amount of bones you have to take out of it as you eat it. Ruins the whole experience.

  • I actually have never liked Salmon which is unfortunate because it seems to be like the healthiest food out there!! Your recipe looks tasty though, maybe I need to suck it up and try to find a way to enjoy Salmon!

  • My fiance loves salmon, this might be a tasty treat for a special dinner soon.

  • What a feast! My husband is a HUGE Salmon lover and would go bonkers over this dish 😀

  • Thank you Sharon, I too love salmon but the cooking only started this week again lol

  • I have a huge craving for Salmon lately, everytime I go shopping I end up with some Salmon in the trolley. Love the look and sound of this one, as always !!

  • Looking at my pictures I am going to make another lol

  • Thanks Nicola, I just started cooking again so maybe next time I mighy steam or bake x

  • It's lunch time (actually is 2.15pm so past lunch time, but I haven't yet eaten) and this is making me feel terribly hungry. I'm partial to a bit of salmon. This recipe looks scrummy! Tx

  • It looks yummy. I love salmon, it is one of my favorites. I steam or oven bake mine though normally