{Recipe} Simple Salmon meal

Hi there and welcome! I am still basking in my own joy because I have finally gone back to cooking!no more take aways. I just love how I can come up with different recipes, even better the web is full of them. I must confess I am yet to fully follow a recipe to the T, all of them so far I have made major alterations but that’s ok that’s called cooking (ha self praise). Now let me share with you my quick and easy salmon meal I had the last night.

Salmon fillets
Spring onions, chopped finely
Chilli, chopped finely
Lime juice (zest too if prefer) 1 tablespoon 
Cooking oil 1 tablespoon 
Heat the cooking oil and fry the salmon for 5 minutes or till crisp and make sure you start with the skin part. 
Once cooked or crisp, turn on to the sides and cook for 2 minutes each side. 
… Put aside once done…
Melt a knob of butter in the pan, once done fry the spring onions, chilli plus lime zest (if included) for 3 minutes then add the lime juice. 
Pour the sauce you just made onto the salmon and serve with either a salad or rice. I chose rice cause I needed a full and filling meal. 
This is a light meal which can be eaten at anytime, it is easy to prepare and delicious. What do you think? Do you like salmon? If so how do you like yours cooked?
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