{Recipe} Jacket Potato Lunch + {GIVEAWAY}

You know how you seat and think about lunch way before you meant to like an hour after you just had breakfast? Well that happened to me AGAIN, I was sat enjoying my work busying myself when my tummy was saying lady we need to know what we gonna eat and since I had breakfast late it somehow threw me off balance. Even though I had the time I didn’t feel like making my Granola Breakfast or trying any of my Many recipes for breakfast and/or lunch so I had a bagel with herbal tea instead. I wish I was having my Avocado/Banana bagel meal but that was not to be instead my stomach grambled and cried bloody murder.

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Whilst sad contemplating what to have for lunch I remembered I had boiled some eggs this morning for breakfast but forgot to eat then so carried them to work with me as well as some cheese I was gonna use on the jacket potato. I had also on a whim carried my tomato and basil soup which expires today to work with me with the intention of giving it away only to find I was in the office alone AGAIN. Anyway I put on these items together and it hit me I was gonna eat it all so that’s how this recipe was born.

Items: Baking Potato, Tomato soup (you can make yourself but I had a bought one), 2 boiled eggs & cheese
Cooking: Microwave the potato for 6 minutes on high, then warm up the soup. Cut the baked potato in 4 and sprinkle the cheese onto whilst the potato is till hot (to allow it to melt) then top it up with the hot tomato soup and add the eggs (descaled ofcourse) as you please and wala you are done.

Let me know what you think of my Jacket potato lunch, also do you get chance to fix up lunch at work?

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  • I'm not sure my comment went through because I wasn't signed in to Google, so I'm trying again. I was just noting that if I eat breakfast I don't want lunch, and vice versa. It's hard to find that balance.

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  • It works girl friend, you get the sweet from the banana (to cover my sugar cravings) and avocado for all the goodness lol

  • Growing up in zambia i only used avocado as a paste on bread for breakfast then moved to UK and a all world of uses was introduced to me but i still didnt try it until this year

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    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

  • The only times that I have anything avocado is when my mom makes avocado shake and whenever I have guacamole ( which is sooo rare ). I haven't tried using or eating avocado with other kinds of dishes. But, what you shared in your post seemed very easy-to-do. I might just give it a shot one of these days.

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