Pork with spring onions

This dish I sprang up because I didn’t really want much but already didn’t want to take too long in the kitchen. I love how it turned out and the taste of it, I really am enjoying creating little meals which am sure have been done before but for me they are first time creations.

…Prep 10 minutes, Cook <15 minutes…

Pork steak (marinate with black pepper, salt and olive oil. Ensure you make sizeable cuts on either side of the meat)
Spring onion
Chilli (optional)
Tomatoe purée
Tomatoe (skin removed then crushed)
Lime (optional)
Knob of butter 
Rice (to serve)

1. Heat the butter, once melted toss the spring onions, chilli, onion in. Cook for 2 minutes
2. Add the tomato purée cook for couple seconds hen add the crushed tomatoes.
3. Add lime and Cook for 3 minutes. 
… At same time cooking the spring onions….

1. Heat the olive oil on medium heat, fry the marinated pork until brown on both sides.
2. Cut a line on either side of the pork whilst cooking to allow the oil to sip through and tenderly cook the inside of note done fully. 
 Serve topping the pork steak with the spring onions and rice or salad as side dish.