Planning: Meals of the week

I am in love with Granola hence my breakfast is granola infested.

My dinners are well that my dinners, I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying sitting down and mauling my own cooked dinners. Why on earth did I ever stop cooking???

I am never really home during lunch time as in work 9-5 so this weekend it was a real treat to make me some lunch. I love avocado so it only made seem I use that for my lovely delicious bagels. 

Hi there and welcome to The Myrabev Life, I am sure you have noticed the increased number of food related posts around these parts and all my social media. Well just in case you don’t know I kinda lost the cooking spirit about 5 years ago when I started uni and found a girl (now good friend) who loved cooking. She would come over to mine at whatever time I called her and best part we did same course so same classes. I am not a person who enjoys eating alone but well in life you need to adapt and that’s exactly what I am doing now…adapting.

I have got my cooking mojo back and I am enjoying creating simple meals because even though I am enjoying my time in the kitchen I do not intend to stay there for hours on hours hence the simple and quickness of my meals. Anyway enough rambling, today I am sharing the meals I have had the pleasure of preparing this week. Unfortunately forgot to take pictures of my first ever chilli beef – yes I am not ashamed to admit I had never cooked chilli before and I hadn’t had a foggiest idea how to make it but thank the heavens for the Internet wonders. 
What have you had this week that you cooked? Do you enjoy cooking?