{Recipe} Granola Breakfast


Granola is now one of my favourite foods to have for breakfast before I got to work it make it at work. Jordan’s Granola cereal was part of the September 2014 Degustabox I recently subscribed to. I have never been a fun of granola only because I never had the best like Jordan’s granola. Today I decided to make my first official granola breakfast and here is my less than 5 minute recipe.

{Recipe} Granola Breakfast


{Recipe} Granola Breakfast


  • Prep time <5 minutes:
  • 1. Jordan's Granola cereal (or granola of your choice)
  • 2. Natural Greek yoghurt 
  • 3. Honey
  • 4. Raisins
  • 5. Banana


  1. Place the granola in a cereal bowl, add the raisins to your desire then add the yoghurt. Once done peel the banana and chop into small pieces then top it all with a table spoon of honey. 
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That’s how I made my delicious granola breakfast, I just love this little recipe. It will be making a frequent appearances during my mornings moving forward. I am also enjoy some Twining’s original chai & vanilla tea to go alongside my new favourite cereal. Do you like granola? How do you like your cereal?
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  • Thanks, I am glad to have started

  • Thanks Jessica x

  • Looks delicious! I really have to start eating breakfast.

  • This looks delicious! I've never thought to add honey to my granola before.

  • Hope you managed to and enjoyed my kinda style breakfast x

  • Thanks

  • Yum! What a tasty idea for breakfast!

  • That looks so good and is makin' me so hungry

  • Thanks Tammi

  • What a delicious breakfast! I love bananas and yogurt. The crunchy granola sounds great.

  • Great idea, looks delicious!

  • This looks really good! I love granola and yogurt

  • You're most welcome and thanks x

  • Just discovered the chai and vanilla tea I am hooked on trying out different teas I was scared of before x

  • I totally get you, I eat hot porridge in the morning when I get the chance but since this is so easy and doesn't involving any cooking it's working for me right now x

  • You know I did even think about the fattening side of it I am just enjoying the heck out of this lol. Now when shall I come make it for you?

  • I was the same until this one so I think darling their is still hope lol x

  • That is one of my favorite breakfasts, and snacks! I love it.

  • i'm definitely not a granola person.. and if i think about it not really much of a breakfast person either. i tried granola for the first time last month and wasn't a huge fan of it.

  • You made it exactly how I like to eat it. Now all I need is for you to come make it for me! I love granola but keep my eye on the fat content as it can get pretty fattening if you aren't careful!

  • Mhmmm! I love granola, but not for breakfast, I'm a hot breakfast kind of person. Doesn't feel like a real meal if it isn't "cooked" somehow. ;P This looks really filling though!

  • Awww bless, thanks x

  • That looks amazing. And now my stomach just growled. =D YUM

  • We use the Jordans, it is always on special in one supermarket or other. This looks gorgeous!



  • Love granola, especially a homemade recipe. But lately I've been eating porridge served with honey. Yum.

  • It's my recent discovery but I love it too x

  • My boyfriend would love this! He loves yogurt on his cereal 🙂

  • Thanks for sharing! I'm always looking for ways of incorporating granola into my meals and this sounds like a delicious way to do that!!

  • Yummy yummy yum! A granola breakfast? Delicious!

  • I really like granola but can't stand bananas.

  • That looks so healthy and so easy…And I think I have all the ingredients except raisins…hmmm…

  • This looks amazing! I love quick and healthy breakfast options.

  • Oh this looks delish! 🙂 I love bananas! 🙂 Definitely need to add these ingredients to my grocery list!

  • yum! i love all of these ingredients!

  • Omg this is something I could go for right now. Unfortunately it'll have to wait until I go get a buncha groceries. Which will hopefully be within the hour 😉

  • Looks like such a good breakfast.

  • Looks like a great breakfast! I love chai and vanilla, also 🙂 I am definitely having this for breakfast soon.

  • This looks yummy 🙂

  • Really? Wow I honestly never knew you could make it at home lol.

  • Fab

    I love, love a good granola. I just made my first homemade one, much easier than expected 😉

  • I am so loving it now, can't get enough

  • Thanks love, I know most cereals are expensive for nothing but this one I think is great

  • I love granola, fruit/berries and yogurt 🙂 it's yummy in my tummy 🙂

  • Love granola and yogurt for breakfast and that looks super delicious. I generally try to make my own as it's a bit expensive to buy, but I don't always manage it.