{Book Review} The rainy day man

Book Description

Have you ever felt that your entire life is infected with lies?

And eventually had to confront your own, genuine identity?

Danny Simon, a retired Israeli secret agent, is returned to service and sent to Israeli-occupied South Lebanon. His simple mission – to collect data – is revealed as a conspiracy. The facts, the people and his surroundings are all infected with lies, and as the suspense builds, Simon finds himself trapped.
Is Danny in control – of his family life, of his lover, of his superiors? Can he trust any of them? Can he regain control of his mission and his life? At the end of a thrilling chase, Danny reveals the true nature of his mission, confronting his own, genuine identity.
The rainy day man is a very well written spy story, with a mysterious plot that will make your imagination go into overdrive.
If you are looking for a great mystery novel with espionage, intrigue and suspense flavors to spice up your life, then on your next rainy day read this book by Amnon Jackont

My Review

When I started reading this book I was really confused and found it hard to understand what was happening, the starting makes it sound like there is a funeral of some sort when in actuality it was just the main character (Danny Simon) leaving his current job as a spy. The death part the writer was trying to illustrate the death of a fake life which the main character had lived for many years. The writer gives good back ground into the inside of the main character and his state of mind, his emotions and what his craving for. I started to really enjoy the book when the character went on his assignment not as a spy of sorts but as himself in lebanon. I started to enjoy the twists and the turns, the writer portrayed it so well that though fictional you could relate to some personal turmoil Danny experienced. I will not spoil the end for you but will encourage you to check it out and make your own conclusion, I think because I love the books to be more romance erotica and spy ones to watch them as movies made it and added to my struggle to read this book to begin with but it was exhilarating and absolute fun once I got it. This was my first ever spy book but I will say my overall experience is/was not bad and I am happy to recommend this book to spy and/or political fanatics.

How do you feel about reading spy or even political novels/books? 

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  • I don't like political novels. I enjoy spy novels if they aren't too difficult to follow.

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