{Recipe} Healthier and Easy to make Salad

Hi there and welcome to my first ever recipe post on “The Myrabev Life”, for the last two months I have been sharing with you all the lovely vegetarian books I have been reading and reviewing but I am yet to share with you some recipes that I either came up with or got the idea from the books.
Today’s recipe I whipped up myself at work and it actually tastes really really good. This is the 2nd most ‘Greens or produce’ containing food I have ever consumed in my adult life, like I mentioned in my last book review post – I grew up with a vegetarian lifestyle one not by choice but by necessity. I remember growing up back home and we used avocado (mashed up and added some sugar for taste) only on bread like you would peanut butter or butter so I was very surprised and shocked to see avocado used in salads, since then I have been on a mission to find a way I can have avocado in my salad. Today I am sharing with you my one little creation I am proud of and so excited to share.


·         Assortment of beans plus herbs (red kidney beans, borlotti beans, cannellini beans, fresh spring onions, red onions, parsley, mint, sliced black olives) I used Three Bean Salad by Delphi which was marinated in olive oil and herbs.
·         Avocado
·         Tomatoes
·         Salt & black pepper
·         Assortment of salad leaves à I bought the Sainsbury’s assorted salad
·         Optional – German sausages 

Preparation time: under 5 minutes

1.       Cut up the tomatoes to your desired side and sauté with salt/pepper
2.       I prefer my salad leaves really small so I cut mine up and mix with the tomatoes
3.       Microwave the sausages for 1 minute, cut into small desired pieces
4.       Cut up the avocado, I had a whole one (was not too big)
5.       Lastly mix-up everything with the assortment of beans and add a little salt/pepper if you want.
 This is how I made my healthy salad (also vegetarian), it contains all the good stuff I need and the best part I still get my piece of meat (even if it’s just small German sausages). Let me know what you think of my little creation, I am just starting out with trying new things so am very excited for the exploring that I can do.