{Book Review} Vegetarian Weight-loss

When I was growing up back in Zambia I always thought I could never be a vegetarian (am not), the NEVER part came from years of misinformation about vegetarianism. But looking back at my childhood I probably practiced vegetarianism somewhat more then and obviously this was not by choice but a necessity (a story for another day). I remember it too well, my mother with her powers of awesomeness tried to make sure her kids loved vegetables etc. but obviously at times that worked with the good bribery or the African parent stare or the “do you want me to tell your father?” threat. Many people (me especially) run for the hills when “being a vegetarian” becomes a topic of discussion but as Jonathan Vine explains; vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice, one were you have made a conscious decision to feed your body the best – please do not misquote me, just because you not a vegetarian does not imply you only feed your body the worst. Most people know I have been trying to lose some weight, “apparently” for my height my ideal weight is 65kg but at the moment I am 72kg and I personally been feeling like I could do with losing at least 5kg. So to help me along this journey I have decided to go the vegetarian way, I am not saying I will become a vegetarian just that I will be using some of their discipline and diet to help me achieve this healthily. The book have read to help me on this journey is called “Vegetarian weight loss“.

The book starts off talking about the now trend happening across the world and that is “most people are choosing vegetarian lifestyles to help lose weight, most are going as far as cutting out red meat to make it easy for the digestive system”. What I enjoyed the most when I started reading this book is the fact that Jonathan (the author) goes as far as explaining the different types of vegetarians out there. Have you ever heard of “Fruitarian – someone who avoids all animal products and only eats raw foods?” I honestly had never heard of a Fruitarian before but I learned what type of vegetarianism my father practices which is called “Semi – he eats fish (hardly any chicken) but he never eats red meat” I never thought my father’s lifestyle choice is a vegetarian one and “technically his not vegetarian”.
As I mentioned earlier my ignorance has contributed to my lack of interest in vegetarianism growing up because if you had asked me what’s the difference between a Vegan and a Vegetarian I would never have guessed. This book teaches you what foods you should eat and which you should avoid. I have always wondered how vegetarians get their protein into their diet and I will confess this book did really help me understand other my good friend wikipedia would have done the trip (helped me through uni). I have chosen to follow the vegetarian weight loss because of the discipline that they have, what most people who have not had the pleasure to read Jonathan’s books don’t know is the fact that he wasn’t raised a vegetarian but he made a conscious decision and lifestyle and in his books he talks about what it takes and how you can become a vegetarian if you so wish or due to health reasons you have to be “vegetarian”.
This book does not only teach you the fore mentioned but has several recipe ideas to choose from and I love the recipes and why I would recommend to all my family, friends and readers is if you like me most of these recipes you do on a daily basis and you will probably just need to add one more ingredient or substitute an ingredient. They are so easy to make and they do not take long, my favourites so far are: Raspberry Almond oatmeal, Banana walnut Bread and Cranberry & Lemon muffins: am sure these ingredients are either in your house already or not too hard to get.
B.T.W  – did i mention that this book as pictures, or know the ones we love to compare to once you follow the recipe and are very proud of your accomplishment but still want to measure up to the book. yes those are in.
As always thanks for reading, are you trying to lose weight? Are you a vegetarian? Born or lifestyle choice?

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  • This looks like a great way to lose weight. I don't eat any red meat, just lean chicken and fish and that seems to work well.

  • oh how i have thought about going veggie several times, but this girl loves her bacon & street tacos..

    one day though maybe i will give it a shot.

  • Going vegetarian is certainly a lifestyle that not everyone can manage. Everyone's bodies are so different that some, such as me, literally cannot tolerate not having animal protein. Props to those who can.

  • Sounds like a good book. I went vegan for about 6 months but it wasn't something that was sustainable for me.

  • This is super interesting! I have always wondered the health benefits of vegetarianism.

  • I've never heard of this book but definitely want to check it out. I don't think I agree with most of it but I won't say until I've actually read the book. I know a lot of people that have gone vegetarian to lose weight but ended up not getting sufficient protein or other nutrients. I think it can be great though when done right.

  • This book sounds like it's pretty informative because this post has taught me a lot about perspectives on vegetarianism! I knew about lacto-ovo vegetarians (no meat, but eats eggs and dairy) and eggetarians/ovo vegetarians (no dairy, but eggs allowed) but I had no idea that raw food diets were called fruitarian!

  • I was completely vegetarian for almost ten years, and found it very easy. I don't understand how someone can be semi-vegetarian though – either you eat animals or you don't.

  • I do like to have a couple of meat free meals a week. Vegetarian food is so delicious.

  • I am trying to implement meatless meals in to our lives but I still need my steak and chicken regularly! Thanks for the review 😀

  • I just don't know if I could be vegetarian…I always find it interesting and there are some very good vegetarian recipes out there, but I just don't know — it would be a huge lifestyle change for us.

  • I was a vegetarian on and off during high school – but I've been thinking about it a lot recently. Love this post!

  • I was vegetarian for almost 5 years and DID lose weight! I also went dairy free/vegan diet for almost a year and felt amazing! I still eat a predominantly plant based diet, and so does my family. You feel so much lighter inside and out!

  • I'm not a vegetarian but this is very interesting

  • I've been a vegetarian almost my whole life. I've recently been making the switch to going vegan. Not to lose weight, I just don't like meat. I've also read a lot about the link between animal products and cancer. It's a tough lifestyle change but it's so, so worth it!

  • Very interesting. I am a vegetarian as well and this post is totally on point!

    Thrifting Diva

  • I have trouble getting enough veggies into my diet; no way could I subsist as a vegetarian! I do like recipes that help make veggies more tasty, though! (You know, other than breading and deep frying them, because that makes everything taste better.)

  • I'm not a vegetarian, but, I do like to cook vegetarian meals. Great review.

  • Thanks Laura, it really is an amazing book.

  • Oh wow this sounds like a great book for a natural and healthy way to keep fit and trim, thanks so much for sharing

    Laura x

  • I was sat thinking it should actually been easier for us since we did practice it more growing up but i think its more than that. If mentally you are not prepared and dont have the discipline then doom is closer than vegan lol

  • I don't think I could do it.. but same like you.. i grew up in a family where we barely ate any meat.. so we practiced it not by choice. i gave it a try also during high school because i generally grew up not eating that much meat and thought it would be easy.. but ended up failing miserably. i think my issue was more that i can't even make rules for myself to want to follow! 😛 once i say no.. that's all i could think about. hopefully, i grew out of that by now!

  • I am glad to hear that, thanks for stopping by x

  • I too never knew about different types of vegetarianism, thanks for stopping by x

  • Totally interesting post about Vegetarianism! I enjoy learning about things like this so it was really appreciated. 🙂

  • That is totally interesting. I haven't ever really thought about being a veggie. I didn't even realize that there were different levels of vegetarianism.