Your weight-loss Plan Link Party ~ #2

This is journey has been long overdue, I keep starting and stopping I just have no more motivation and as a self-proclaimed motivator I am lacking in that department. So much has happened and so much is going on that weight seems to one week be falling off like old clothes and the next is holding on tighter than a leech. I do not know where to to begin as I seem to be taking 5 steps forward and 15 back and that’s really demotivating. So what am I going to do about it? Am I going to see here and feel sorry for myself? That’s negatory staff Sargent, I am getting off my ass and doing some exercise and I don’t care how “some” so long as I get in any useful exercise I am happy.

So here is the goal and the plan to help me reach that goal!

Goal –> Go back to size 10 (flat with no extras)


  • Healthy eating –> This is easier said than done but I have a solution. I rent a room in a family house and I do not feel comfortable cooking and I only eat cooked meals when I see my parents over the weekend so instead I buy ready meals which I microwave at work (I don’t eat at night). So I have now started buying “Healthier” meals from M&S and getting more vegan options than non-vegan (BTW I am not vegetarian). I have also decided to get my own place so I can get back to cooking and baking, I felt great over my weekend birthday baking a cake after a 2 year hiatus.
  • Exercise –> I like the idea of exercise from the comfort of my own place in this case my room but it is too small and I am limited to the exercises I do. But with prospect of a new place I can do more exercises without fearing I will make too much noise if I try to jump.
  • Drinking water –> To many people this is so easy to me this is so hard, I just find it so hard to drink water. The water I drink is either flavoured or in some sort of juice or tea never just plain water as the taste brings back memories of when I had malaria and had to drink quinine with nothing but water and the taste is just revolting makes me shiver even now.
  • Resting –> This again to some may sound weird but when you got insomnia its not that far fetched, when I finish work (9-5) I get to my place respond to person e-mails|blog|watch TV| then by 9:30/10pm I switch off everything and it’s time for bed. Most times I sleep fine from 10pm till 5am but other time 3 hours is enough for my body but not for me. I want to stay in bed a little longer which I do but with eyes wide open. Most times I am up by 3am do all the recommended to go to sleep and nothing happens so I blog until I fall asleep but thats usually 5 minutes before my alarm which I hear quite clearly so I just get up shower and go to work. Spend my 8hours and back like a zombie sleep another 3 hours and again the cycle begins. Now I am used to it and make use of that time, reading, blogging and now exercising. 
This is my plan for losing weight and reaching my goal, link up below and share your plan. Share as many posts as you want

  • Thanks

  • Trying the reminders but so far failing

  • Water is a hard one for me. Juice just tastes so much better! LOL! My friend used to set reminders for herself to drink water.

  • I will give that a try too, ta Ashley

  • Ta stephanie

  • I will certainly try that, thanks Raewyn

  • It's hard for me to drink water too, but I've found that adding lemon and lime helps!

  • great tips

  • I am glad to know am not the only one, drinking water is such a simple act but one which is hard to actually act upon

  • I am definitely like you. Drinking water is so hard for me. Gradually, it is getting easier for me.

  • Oh man, I was horrible at drinking water until one day I just started drinking it! I definitely think drinking it as tea is the healthiest you could have! Or, try water with a higher pH or SmartWater! They have a different/better taste 🙂

    Good luck!!

  • Thanks Jessica

  • This is all a good start. Like others have said starting is always the hard part, once you get past that it becomes routine.

  • Thank you Kristine, starting out is hard but for me is staying motivated thats even harder but i am working on it

  • You can do it! For me the starting out is hard. Once I get a routine it's much easier! Good luck!

  • Atleast you drink some, me I can not even drink a bit unless its juice or tea etc

  • Thanks Brooke, good luck to you

  • Thanks hun I appreciate that, means a lot

  • I want to get into the habit

  • I guess I will need to set it as challenge

  • I have a hard time drinking water period lol

  • Thank you Amberly

  • Thanks Rosie, I think most people do overlook resting

  • Thanks Michelle

  • Here to help if you need it

  • definitely will do thanks

  • I am glad to find someone who gets it, I just dont like water anymore lol

  • Thank you Esther, I am the same with water

  • Blog layout has changed yes and name was "Myrabev's corner"

  • I should really try that

  • Thanks and good luck to you too

  • I think you should start doing little 10 minute exercises at home and work your way up to the gym

  • I have been trying to kick the sugar habit for a long time now

  • its really time to get fit.

  • Such great goals! Good luck with them. I actually enjoy drinking water, but for some reason still have a hard time drinking enough!

  • These are great goals, I'm in the same boat! 😉

  • Sounds like you are all set for success. Loving your approach to this, but you look lovely either way. 🙂

  • I'm really good at drinking water if I get in the habit but once I get out the habit it such hard work to remember to drink it

  • The trick with water is make a HUGE target. I hated having to drink it, and now it's a challenge!!

  • I have a really hard time drinking enough water in a day. The struggle is real.

  • You have some great "get healthy" goals!

  • The point about resting is spot on. I don't think people give it enough credit and it's always one of the first things to be sacrificed! Great post 🙂

  • I hear you about both the insomnia and the water. >.<

  • i really need to get on the ball!

  • I just bought a stack of yoga cards from Barnes and Noble, you should look into it!

  • omg, I hate drinking water by itself! I know the more you drink the better it is for your body and your face, etc. but it's just so hard! Good luck with your goals 🙂

  • i am so bad about drinking water.. i feel like i only do it when i notice i'm dehydrated and have a headache.. by that time it's too late! having a healthy lifestyle is definitely a discipline that i do not have. i'm excited to see your journey / progress though. best of luck on your plan / goals! 🙂

  • Did your blog layout change? And possibly the name too??

  • I think keeping a water bottle on you at all times and setting phone reminders to drink helps 🙂

  • You're doing great – keep it up! <3

  • For some reason, I have been having a hard time keeping up with water this Summer. That's keeping me low and not helping with my weight loss (which I've actively been trying to do!).

  • No, stop. You're making me feel bad about myself. I keep starting new diets and quitting. I'm the one that buys a million different diet programs and finishes none of them. I am pretty good about going to the gym. But after my surgery in June I haven't gone. I'm healed, I seriously need to get up and go.


  • Awesome health goals! I need to start eating healthier myself and I really need to kick my sugar habit.

  • This post is so meant for me today. I need to up my drinking water… it's just soooo hard sometimes and eating better is hard. But time to get fit.

  • Helen that's absolutely perfect. That's what I find every time I try to force water in me it just goes out really fast. I will try that soup or similar to trick my tummy

  • like this post i was listening to a food specialist Dr the other day adn he said that if you just drink liters of water it just washes through you because your stomach is clever and takes the hydration it needs if you take on water through eating soup this is a great way to trick your stomach into thinking it is food and holds on to the water, dont know if this helps

  • Thanks lynette! I can't wait to get my own place and stop the microwave meals excuse. I miss cooking for me so much x

  • I hate drinking water too but I've just started trying to (again) this week. I know it's good for me and I need it but I just hate the taste. Also can I recommend not buying microwaved meals – as soon as you get your own place start cooking your own meals. When I gave up processed foods last year I lost a stone in no time (sadly processed foods did slip back on the menu but that's because I hate cooking!).