Week 32: Personal Confessions ~ Debt is no small matter part 2

“debt is no small matterSo after the success of debt is no small matter part 1 I decided to update you all on my progress and plans so far. In hopes of being debt free by Christmas (new target) I decided to cancel some of the subscriptions that I have and also I have decided to rent a flat instead of renting a room in a house. I know the renting a flat on my own doesn’t sound like debt solution but actually for me it is. I am not 100% comfortable destroying someone else’s chicken with my African food which can take forever to cook and that can really clog up the gas bill and I don’t want to increase someone else’s gas bill. Renting my own place will allow me to cook more than eat out or order take away. I love eating out and ordering take care and being a social creature I eat a lot out than in so i want to move my social ness to cooking good healthy foods and inviting friends over to my place. I am no Jamie Oliver but I can roast up a few things to sate even the faint hearted.

So back to some cancellations of subscriptions. I have decided to cancel or change up the subscription type I have. 

1. Credit expert (£14.99p/m) – back in the day when I was building up my profile and racking up debt I found this site really useful in finding deals which were good for me but now it’s been two months and the damn thing has not worked every single time I log on it says error and when I call (not cheap line) they say the same thing. I am done and since companies these days do their own credit checks on potential customers I think I can live without this subscription.
2. Audible.com(£12p/m) – I got introduced to audible by brutnull and gabeflowers. I decided to try it out and one long trip to Cambridge I got hooked and before I knew it I signed up. It’s only <£12 but still when saving money every little helps so instead of £12 a month I have changed it up to £10 for a year which works out best for me and if it don’t I will cancel.
3. Wantable.com ($50p/m)- y’all know I love my Wantable accessories sub box but I can not justify this expense anymore so July accessories are my last.
4. Justfab (£35p/m) – I love this site I have some amazingly good shoes and bags but again I can not justify this expense so it’s gat to go.
5. Glossybox (£13.25p/m) – I really loved the last two boxes but I can not justify or even keep two beauty sub boxes. Since 3/4 of the items I got I did not love highly I have included them in my giveaway hoping someone will love them more than me.
By cancelling or changing up my subscription I am saving me £100 more or less and I think I can make better use of this money than these mostly unnecessary items I have been getting. I could use that £100 for my monthly train ticket or an entire month’s worth of food shopping plus leftovers.
These are some of the ways I am trying to clear my debt and save up for the future. What are your plans?

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  • They really are x

  • Ta x

  • I am definitely starting to see that x

  • Thanks Jess x

  • Subscriptions are such a money suck I had to do the same thing!

  • Good job tackling your debt and eliminating things!

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  • Canceling subscriptions always helps so much!

  • Good for you for being so on top of this!

  • Hence why I changed my type of sub, though i use it but not enough to justify monthly sub

  • hahaha, we its good to eat out now and again and often if you can afford it

  • Good luck! I just cancelled my Audible subscription – love it, but I can't seem to use it enough to justify it!

  • I feel like we have no extras to cut from but then I bite my tongue every single time we go out to eat when we have tons of food at home 🙂 Great plan!

  • Thank you Amby, I appreciate that. Blogging has taught me a lot more than I realised.

  • Very inspiring! Keep up the great work! Blogging has actually inspired me to stay much more organized with finances too!!

  • Good on you Raewyn, I know we will both be happy once debt is cleared x

  • Thanks Lissa, I can not wait to be debt free x

  • Its hard to start on yes.

  • Surprisingly they do

  • Thanks Karissa and good luck to you/family x

  • Absolutely for me it's just a little over £100 which is too much

  • That's what have found Katreena, I will find replacements which I will buy maybe once every few months

  • It's really hard but I like the idea of surviving first then set a game plan

  • You know it wasn't until i sat down and calculated did I realise how much am throwing away every month

  • In the long run they do add up x

  • awww thanks Esther, appreciate that x

  • That indeed is great progress, stick to it x

  • I had to make a huge decision clear my debt and start enjoying the money I make. Its not easy but its doable my dear Rebekah, you can cancel one at a time x

  • Thanks Christen

  • I think student loans are a pain, firstly sort out other major debts then come back to student loans.

  • Anytime Seirra

  • I certainly need to spruce that one up quickly and share x

  • All of those subscriptions add up to a lot of money in the end!

  • Good job! We need to make more progress on working on our debt in my house.

  • Cancelling subscription plans is definitely a great way to save some money. They can definitely all add up very quickly!

  • That's great your dealing with your debt, It such a hard thing to start on 🙂

  • Keep it up! It's hard cutting out things you love but I know you will feel it was worth it when you're debt free!

  • Awesome! I'm working on cutting back my debt as well, I've canceled all of my subscriptions except for one $10 subscription. You can do this! It will take me a little longer to pay off my debt, but hopefully it works.

  • I had to cut some of my subscriptions too. It makes me so sad. But some of them cost more than their worth to me.


  • It's so hard to cut out in order to save money but it's worth it in the end! We are hoping to start paying off school debts soon, but right now it's focusing on saving enough to eat and pay bills. heh.

  • Well done for keeping an eye on things. Those subscriptions can build up cost so quickly.

  • I specifically try to keep away from monthly subscriptions because they just cost so much in the long run.

  • that's awesome. I'm so proud of you! 🙂

  • Glad to hear it

  • We always seem to pay our debt off once a year. We've been getting better at not running it back up though. Progress!

  • I have been putting off trying so many subscription boxes because I need to pay off debt instead – I can't bring myself to cancel any of the ones I have right now though! Great gameplan you have!

  • Good job, keep on keeping on and you'll be debt free in no time. As long as you keep focusing on it you'll do it.

  • I want to be debt free, too! I get rid of one big debt this year before Christmas also. But my student loans are here to stay, sigh…

  • This is something that DEFINITELY needs to be discussed. Thank you!

  • Recipe for African chicken please!!!! <3

  • This is super helpful, actually.

  • Thanks Mandy

  • I shall certainly share. Every little helps as tesco says

  • Good for you!!! I definitely need to do some maintenance with my spending habits…

  • Yeah, I would like to know your recipe for your African chicken too! It is interesting to hear how small changes make a significant difference!

  • Thanks Julie

  • One day when I remember I will share it and tag you Bintu

  • Thanks Rachel I will definitely check out Noodle.

  • I'm the worse person with money, hence why I got I do honestly need to look at my outgoings and see what I can get rid of. Good luck x

    JustJulie | Beauty Blog

  • I would like to see what recipe you used for your African chicken. Well done for tackling your debt.

  • Noodle is a free version of credit expert I'm with them :D. Well done for cancelling some subscriptions! I think I will be doing the same very soon. I have a baking magazine one and it actually is REALLY good I'm just waiting for the jars then I think I'm going to cancel it has been good though. I got some stencial that I'm going to use for making cakes for my beauty bloggers event :D.

    • I will check out Noodle, thanks for sharing and stopping by