{Guest Post} Top 5 tips on Healthy eating on Holiday

Hi there! today  I have a special guest whose blogging today for me whilst I am away. Her names is Jemma and she is just the sweetest person you ever came across. I love this post because she has given me quite a lot of ideas whilst I am enjoying Munich with the family. I hope you will enjoy the post as much as I did (still do) when I received it and don’t forget to send her some love by checking out her blog.

The traveling season is just around the corner and this ultimately takes us away from our normal routine.  I’m all for having fun on holiday and taking a break, that’s what holidays are for.  Seeing the sights and enjoying new and wonderful foods are all part of the experience.  However, if you are following a healthier lifestyle alarm bells may start ringing about the prospect of potentially piling on the pounds whilst you are away.
Drink lots of water
More often than not, when our bellies rumble we automatically think that we are hungry.  However, hunger pangs can also signify thirst.  Before reaching for a snack to quench your hunger try drinking a glass of water first to make sure that you are not thirsty.  Obviously if the hunger persists then reach for that snack. Additionally, drinking water over fizzy drinks will cut down your sugar intake massively, keep you hydrated and keeps your skin looking radiant.  You can also add a slice of lemon or lime to jazz it up a little bit.
Pile on the veggies
Sectioning off your plate in to three parts for protein, vegetables and carbohydrates can help increase your consumption of vegetables whilst on holiday.  Allocate half of your plate to vegetables or salad and then a quarter to protein and the other quarter to carbohydrates.   This way you can still enjoy all of your favourite foods in reasonable amounts, but still get a veggie packed meal to boot.
Healthy does it
Portion control
Let’s be honest, when on holiday it is very easy to let those portion sizes slide.  I’m all for giving your body what it needs, but listening to your body also means knowing when you are full and eating consciously.  Of course still enjoy the food on offer, but remember to keep your portions in check as you may end up eating more food that your body needs.
Be realistic
Going on holiday is no time to diet and lose weight; it’s time to have fun.  At the end of the day being restrictive and banning certain foods can lead to gorging on unhealthy foods later on.  It’s more about maintenance and not going too overboard, but still remembering to enjoy yourself too.
Remember to eat snacks  
You should never ignore your hunger pangs, do check before eating a snack that you aren’t actually thirsty first.  Having a healthy snack such as fruit, nuts, Greek yoghurt or a smoothie and help you to maintain stable blood sugar levels and prevent you from over eating on your next meal.
The main thing is to enjoy yourself and have fun.  There is no point worrying about piling on the pounds on holiday as you might as well have stayed at home.  Ideally the key is to balance things out with lots of water and veggies to lessen the blow of all of that delicious food.

This post was written by Jemma Andrew-Adiamah, author of the UK healthy living and lifestyle blog Celery and Cupcakes.  You can follow Jemma via her Facebook and Twitter feeds.