{Guest Post} Double Decker Books

Hi there & welcome to today’s guest post from Kaycee of Double Decker books, I have read some of the Double Decker book reviews and they are very well written and capture the reader so check them out. Double Decker also runs giveaways (which of course I have entered) so don’t forget to check out their giveaway page. Don’t forget to check out my #Freebie Friday giveaways too on AJD.


Double Decker Books is a blog for Indie Authors. We support and help them by providing professional services to them to help promote their work to gather more or new readers. Here at Double Decker Books, the author’s needs are put first and we ask them want they want us to do for them!

Such as, with our Cup of Tea’s and Coffee’s; they get the choice of telling us where they want their work promoted at. We offer a few great free services as well; such as our Tea and Sub Sandwiches allows us to promote their work bigger, louder and to more places on the web with the exception that there is an application process to be a Showcase Author.

Our Cupcake Cover Reveals are free too. When we make a post we create it to be visually capturing to a reader that may be passing by our blog. We draw our readers to it and this then opens the door for a sale back to the author.

Our biggest services are the Double Decker, which are our small and large blog tours. We have gathered so far 12 blog hosts and just posted a “Become a Blog Host” page. Where you can come and join the others in the fun of sharing of authors and their books!

We have recreated our service page and built on “How to Order” page as well so it is twice as easy to place your order with us.

We also have a Giveaway each week for authors to enter to win additional services from us. This week we have two free book reviews we are giving away, so please come enter HERE for your chance of winning a free book review. Come on by our blog and enter the one we are running right now!

Our last service we conduct is an Author’s Giveaway page, if an author wants to do a free giveaway, we will conduct the giveaway process and select winners fairly and equally across the board with our “Gleam” generator. The author’s only responsibility is to provide us with their info and supply the books to the winners!!

Come check out the Double Decker Books!!

P.S. We have a weekly meme called double it Thursday!