Book Review – Carinian’s Seeker

Hi there welcome to my book review series. I have never really done a book review before but I am ready to venture into uncharted waters so here goes nothing.

I read this book about 2 years ago now or is it 3 years with an every other month occurrence. It was January of my final year and I had this huge obsession with reading about vampire romance and this book just spoke to me I really couldn’t put it down. To read about the author please use this link HERE. Now onto the review…

So what’s the story about (in my own words):

This story starts out with Carinian who is a biotech scientist at a pharmaceutical company (sounds like me right?)she is sent on a mission to supposedly do some research outside town, she is hard working focused and no time for men (like most successful women these days). Whilst on this trip she meets this fine arse dude (Brix -a seeker) who she wants to sleep with but holds it in without realising his feeling the same (as you do when you see a fine dude or dudette). So after that unsuccessful encounter she goes back to her company without knowing that that cute arse dude actually also works for the same company (well the owners) and wait for it… his a vampire (bam) hence him being the seeker. Seekers are highly trained vampires who seek out rogue vampires who threaten the peace treaty between humans and vampires (look at me describe it as if actually exists lol).

“Brix’ mission is to find out about Dr Carinian, see if she is the one wanting to expose vampires but what he didn’t know is she was looking for a way to stop death (as you do when you are a scientist). Her reason is because all her family is dead and the female side seemed to die right about 34 and she was fast approaching hence the dare experiments.”

So to cut the long story shot, they meet up when they realise they actually like each other, are mates for life (in vampire this means a lot) and have a common goal (kill evil vampire), start working together have great sex then she is stubbed to near death but is saved (barely) by brix’s blood. 

Another interesting part comes when she wakes up from her near death experience with enhanced strength and she finds out her fellow colleague who is a vampire tried to kill her and is planing on killing or weakening the vampire of ethics (VOC). It’s does become a bit predicted but even though you suspect what might happen you get gripped by all the twists and turns and there is so much humor it in. I am not doing it justice here you really need to read it.

The reason I love this book so much is because I am one of those readers who becomes the main character, I like to feel like I am literally in the book like those things are happening to me or that I can relate on a deep level and I can say with 100% honest that this writer did just that and hit the spot.

When reading this book you will fall in love with the lead characters, the scenarios even the sex seen (no shame here). The book is captivatingly good that I read the book from first page to last in 3 hours and that’s because I had to slot in some university assignments. This is me when I get stuck in a book I read to enjoy and finish all in same day. 

This is the book you want for romance, action and entertainment. So get a copy now for some reading pleasure x

**please not I received permission from the author to use the book cover image, though the original cover when I read the book is different to the one above ***

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