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Book Review – Captured

Hi there! So this is the my second book review I really enjoyed the first one so I am excited to tuck into this one. So again this book is another one I read a couple years back and you guessed it, vampires are involved but so is romance. I will say this before I get into describing my version of events the book is a series (was 3 part but we loved it so much that 4th book had to be written) saying that “I didn’t like the fact that the female lead was a 17 year old girl and you will know why as you read on”. So let’s get this on,

This story is about what happened after vampires got tired of been reduced to hiding in the dark and wanting to have the same pleasures that humans have you know the big houses in big cities, their kind of president etc. So we begin with a vampire king who has about 4 kids and is in his prime. A long time ago during the battle the eldest son got injured centuries ago (seeing they say vampires are immortal), his injuries were loss of sight. One day during a walk in the city he managed to see for the first time in forever and he saw a beautiful young slave girl when he looked away he was blind but looking at her he could seem everything. Every body knew he was a vampire who hated keeping slaves but this time he decided to keep this slave girl for obviously reasons. 
As the story moves on you start to see the relationship develop, the secret about his new found eye sight he keeps from the family. Then the unthinkable happens the girl escapes with his young brother (Jack)  because she is misinformed (his engaged), she thinks he don’t care and he starts to think the same when she escapes he kills so many innocent female slaves to try forget her.
As the story progresses he manages to find her again with his brother (not what you thinking -the brother thought of her like a sister) and before you know it they form the resistance against the father whilst all this is happening their love starts to blossom (him centuries old her 17 – hmm paedo much?), her family hating the fact that she is dating the very creatures they swore to kill, her twin brother not able to understand and her old brother doing what older brother’s do hating the man you with and wanting to kill him but dude his a vampire so hold it in.
The story is beautifully written and explained clearly, like I said I was not a fun of a 17year old I wished the character was say 20 or something just you know something legal(you feel me!!). The storyline is every captivating it leaves you on a cliff hang and makes you want to read the next book and next until you get the ending you want.

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