Week 21: Relationship Advice ~ You Know its worth it when…

Happy Monday peeps, welcome, its been a while since I last composed a heart to heart post. So today’s post has come from some self reflection and I thought I share with you my lovely readers.

I was doing a clear up yesterday when I came across all the lovely cards that my boy friend has been sending me for the last 6 years. All the 6 valentines, the 6 birthdays and the 7 Christmas’ they all have one theme in them “I love you more everyday”, I will not lie to you it has not been easy but it has truly been worth it. Every relationship has its ups and downs but its how you work on it that determines its future at the end of the day.

When you watching TV dramas and movies they seem to give the illusion that everything works out in the end or that love shouldn’t be hard or difficult and I agree at the most but I disagree too, why? Well because reality is different and man does it hit you hard once you wake up to it. There is a saying and its one of my favorite, it goes “Everything good is worth fighting for” or “Good things don’t come easy”.  Most say love shouldn’t be hard but when is hard hard? I mean is it hard when you don’t talk for a few days, weeks, months? or is it hard when you are totally ignored for 6 months? Hard is different for everyone so you can not compare your hard to your friends hard hence why I mostly disagree with TV dramas and movies when they try to portray relationships.

My advice to you as always:

  • Look after number 1 (that’s you)
  • Bring everything to the lord in prayer
  • Trust
  • Compromise (both parties 50/50)
  • Love – to encompass all of the above

Don’t ever be fooled into thinking when you start everything will be and should be easy in a relationship, trusting and  loving your partner in all ways possible is what its about and then things will be as it should be. Do not know get me wrong, even a bad relationship can emanate from having all the above. Only you can and will know whats what for you.

That’s all I had for this Monday morning, have a wonderful week.

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