Week 7: working together for together

Hello my lovelies? So today I wanted to share with you something that both equally annoys me and makes me laugh.

Since the day we met I have always been the planner and he has always been the last minute kinda man. I am one of those people who likes to plan way way in advance to the last detail because I don’t like having to rush at the last minute and start regretting not planning in advance. Him on the other hand hates to plan in advance because their is always that chance that the plan might get cancelled and he hates it when his done all the work only to see them go to waste. I get that and I understand it totally but I keep saying to him that should really not stop us from living our lives and planning for the  future because there is also a chance that all the good plans done will come to flourish and will rejoice because we put in the effort. 
I will not lie and say last minute planning has never worked for me because it has but I will also admit on more than one occasion I have sat back and just wished I had started planning a little earlier. I remember one of my friends saying you guys are the last minute couple you probably end up planning your wedding the weekend before the wedding date and that is most likely true enough but I think because it’s my wedding I would put in more time and effort. I remember in uni I had a friend who worked best when it was last minute and I was always amazed but I will say I preferred to plan way in advance all my assignments, my work schedule, my partying days and even days when I saw my man. That’s me madam planner to the last underwear. 
Which one are you, planner or last minute?
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