Week 7: Back to the Gym ~ Exercise Routine

New year New You they tell me! Well I am thinking New Year Old me but improved, as I stated in my previous post (found HERE) I refuse to set myself up to fail by setting resolutions. I started going to the gym last year October and though I relapsed during the festive holidays I only knew I was not giving up the gym because this year is a year of reckoning and I need to stay at my best.

If you have read my other exercise posts you will know that I attend gym classes instead of using the gym equipments in the main gym hall. My schedule is as follows if your not familiar with it already:

  • Monday ~ Spin class 1hr
  • Tuesday ~ Zumba 1hr
  • Wednesday ~ Spin class 1hr (intense class)
  • Thursday ~ Toning (legs bums & tums) 1:30hr
  • Friday ~ (occasional) Spin class 1hr 
  • Weekends ~ Resting
I have resumed this schedule and my first class back was Spin class last week Friday and another spin class yesterday (Monday). I will not lie or kid you it was invigorating and revitalising all spiced up with extreme pain accompanied by insomnia. Mother of …. I can not scream or cry I can only laugh at the memory but it’s all worth it to keep my body in pristine condition.
People have been asking me what I eat because I have lost quite a bit of weight very quickly and it’s not been due to fad diets. In 6 weeks I lost a stone by attending the gym classes mentioned above at least 3 times a week sometimes 5.  I eat breakfast and lunch at work ( 9-5 job) and once am back from work I usually don’t eat anything I just go to the gym and sleep after (obviously after I have showered). I usually have lists of fruits at work and I keep hydrated, I also eat a huge lunch to cater me till following day breakfast. If I get hungry during the night I drink orange juice and that’s it. 
**This is my exercise routine, please speak to your dietician or doctor before you copy my routine as I don’t want to be liable for anyone. This works my me and my body I don’t know if it will work for your body, only you and your doctor can decide that.**

As always thanks for reading my blog posts, please comment below and see you in the next post or you can visit my main blog Purely-By-Accident.