Week 5: Heart Bearing ~ MEN!!!!

At the moment as I write this post his pissed me off more than once, I sometimes come to a point where I just want simple things to happen e.g if I ask for something I expect a response either it can be done or it can not be done either way am pleased. He also sometimes reaches a point where he just has water in his head instead of a brain and those times I detest very much.

Life is not perfect and I don’t expect it to be daily but I do expect some sort of normalcy so that I don’t go crazy and get admitted to the nearest psych ward. I will give you an example.

His working on something with his brother and I am in the next room when his laptop shuts down. I am sure he told me his password but I can’t remember and at the risk of locking his computer I call out to him and ask for his password and he screams “just a second”. 5 minutes later that “just a second” is still going and my anger is boiling at level 10.  I call out again and he says the same “just a second” what do I do, I go into what he calls the “quite mode” I don’t say a thing and I just zone out it pisses him off but that’s all I have before I slap him black and blue.

Another example, we talk and decide ok will go shopping after we do a few things for him in town. We head to town do his things and just when we are meant to go shopping and do my thing he says where are you going? Am like shopping like we discussed, he says well have changed my mind I have other things to do? Am like for real for real? He says yes so I just do my ‘quiet mode’ and he starts complaining about how he hates it when I do the quiet mode for nothing at all. He didn’t even realise that he just broke our agreement and he’s got the nerve to lecture me.

This may seem trivial to some people but when your brain has had enough anything and everything can make you explode in my case implode.

How do you guys deal with your partners when they p*** you off? I have decided arguing doesn’t help me but the “quiet mode” does it apparently carries more punch.