Week 4: Soul Sharing ~ Interracial Couples!!!

I have been asked so many times, why did you decide to date outside your race? It’s not a question I care for but it’s one I get, a famous quote I am sure your all familiar with “we don’t choose who we fall in love with”.

My first true boyfriend was black and I loved him truly he loved me and we thought our search for life partners was over, as they say you never know what life will throw in your way until your experiencing it. Life got in the way, my family moved us to another continent were I confess I realised that I was too young to think I had found the one, if indeed I had nothing would have swayed me from that obstacles or not I would still have been able to find my way back because my God wouldn’t keep me away from my love unless he was not my love but someone to show love too and nurture.

When we moved to the uk my first true boy friend here was White European, again I thought I had found my love but after praying, believing and hoping I was to find he was not my love I was devastated I decided I was going to date from my race, unfortunately he hurt me and disappointed me bad. Through prayer and patience The Lord helped me find my partner G, I know I should not compare but there so many things that I thought I was not entitled to in my previous relationships that his shown me in abundance. The love emanates from him so brightly that sometimes I pinch my self just to make sure it’s not a dream (The movie inception comes to mind). I pray everyday and still the love shows me this is him this is the one, the things this man has done for me I can not even count but I throw a little pray heaven wards to thank the good lord up there for delivery this man to me.

When I look at him I don’t seem white man I see a man who loves me, cares for me and cherishes me like a glass that would break if not looked after properly. I remember he ounces told me his mother bless her heart told him and his brothers to always treat a woman the way they would treat her, she told them to cherish, love, protect and care for the woman in their lives like no other. I thank The Lord for this woman for she created these amazing gentlemen with hearts of gold.

I have on many occasions gotten weird looks from my black people when they see me walking or embracing my love, some am sure are just jealous were as others can not understand it. I really don’t care what people think about interracial couples love us hate us I ain’t loosing sleep over it, the good lord gave me what I have the good lord will help me through it too.

Thank you for reading my post, please let me know your views below in the comments section. Good day, God bless x