Week 4: Soul Bearing ~ Praying for him

Believing in God or Allah is something that is personal and it’s something I was taught in Sunday school. when the day comes you will answer for it alone NOT with your family or friends or partners no one just you, the good Lord and God.

I personally believe that to be the case for the future when The Lord returns but that does not stop me for praying for him and the him here is my partner G. We have been through a lot together and everything I have brought to The Lord in prayer (maybe he has too but his not shared that with me so I don’t know) has been answered.

I wrote in my previous post that we don’t choose who we far in love with, my partner is an “occasional” catholic I am now becoming an “occasional” New Apostolic which is not pleasing me but my circumstances bring me into that, I am not complaining I am merely stating it for the record.

I would like to think and keep believing that the reason my partner usually refuses to come to church with me is because his scared stiff of my dad than to think maybe he doesn’t believe or he just prefers not to. I know the answer but I prefer for him to surprise me.

I pray for him as much if not more than I pray for me because I love him and I want God to keep opening up his favours for him maybe I am being selfish here because with what God provides for him I partake too.

If there is one message I would like my readers to take from this is that, prayer is a very powerful too which should not be taken lightly but full heartedly and with great humbleness and love for The Lord.

Take everything to The Lord in prayer.