Week 2: Personal Time – Benefits of Exercise


Today December 2nd 2013, I weigh in at 70kg. This is a huge success I have lost >5kg in >2weeks. I have lost a lot around my wait too because them gorgoeus skirts are now fitting nicely. My training plan is as follows:

* Monday – Spinning class for 1hr
* Tuesday – Zumba class for 1hr
* Wednesday – Spinning class for 1hr
* Thursday – Legs Bums & Tums for 1hr and Abs workout for 30 minutes
**Friday|Saturday|Sunday –> off
This with eating healthy breakfast and huge lunch and no supper have helped me to lose the 5KG in 2 weeks. I also walk almost everywhere except work and I have cut back down on sweets or sugary stuff. 
If you guys have any suggestions I can do please comment below.

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