{Guest Post} Warm Vs White Holidays ~ Christmas Destinations

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a warm christmas or a white christmas? When I was a child growing up in Zambia I always wondered what it would be like to have snow on Christmas day and how the snow would feel like etc. God obviously heard my prayers because I have been experiencing a “white” christmas for the last 10years and funny enough though I do not mind it I miss having a warm summer. In Zambia we used to stay up all night long on christmas eve and sleep christmas day after church, this was a norm in our house and I miss those times. There times here in the UK when I feel like I should just go away on holiday and experience the warm summer I am used to but then again there times when I feel like having snow on christmas day is the norm so on this part I am undecided but I would not mind experiencing either, what about you.
Warm Christmas
I was contacted by Daren from gogobot and he was wondering if I could share this with you guys! When I read it I wanted to visit all these places. I dream one day to travel to all the 501 wishlist destinations I have on my bucketlist. I have included below the short intro from the website and you can read the rest HERE
“The winter holidays are not a time for moderation. Drinks flow freely, parties go on into the wee hours, and going hungry begins to sound like a happy dream. Planning to travel this winter? Vacation in this season tends to extremes as well. Ski resorts and beaches are inevitably popular, but urban excitement holds its own allure. Here’s our rundown of where to enjoy some holiday cheer, from downtown skating to partying with the Grinch, to cactus Christmas trees. Two are hot, two are cold, and one is ‘just right’”
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