Week 1: Personal Confessions – Zumba

Hello there Guys&Dolls!!! Happy Thursday and welcome to my weekly personal confessions. So Tuesday night I went to my first even Zumba class and let me tell you what my legs said after the class, my legs were in so much pain am sure they cursed me. I attend spin classes every Monday and Wednesday and Tuesday is usually my rest day and good lord I made a worth while mistake as I write this post my legs are fade up with me. 

So I hear you ask, why would I get so tired from my first EVER Zumba class? Well my lovelies apart from the obvious it was more exercise than I realised, I originally thought it’s just dancing and you don’t really sit dance classes as “normal” gym classes but let me tell you they are more painful that body conditioning. 
So what is Zumba then and when did it come about? Well it’s been around since the 90s but came into its own in the last 5 years when it took the world by the horns. 
“Zumba involves dances and aerobic elements. Zumba’s choreography incorporates hip-hop,socasambasalsamerenguemambo andmartial artsSquats and lunges are also included.”

I had do much fun, though painful it’s worth it and I have booked for next week. 

Have you ever done Zumba before? What was your experience of it?

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