Week 1: Personal Confessions – I think I am fat

Hey Guys&Dolls!!!

Do you ever feel like you just fat for you height and frame or is it just me? I have always had a big tummy from can’t remember when, at school my friend used to ask why? But I couldn’t answer them so I would ask my mother and she would say don’t worry about it your beautiful the way you are and life doesn’t stop because someone noticed you tummy is bigger than theirs. So I have lived with that and it never bothered me until we moved to the uk were everything or should I say 90% is all about body image with only 25% have the “normally desired” size.

When we came to uk I was size 6/8 weighing in at 9stone, 10 years on I am 10/12 weighing in at 11stone. I have gained 2stones and moved up 4 dress sizes. I have a slim/slender frame with a big tummy making me look 3-4 months pregnancy it’s only because I have an ample cleavage that I can usually get away with murder.

I came to the conclusion that I am fat when I couldn’t fit into my favourite pair of jeans! Good lord that was a bad morning, I had an outfit in mind and how it was gonna look like and all of a sudden the damn trouser wouldn’t pass my non-existent hips. Oooh I was besides myself, I immediately made a mental note and mental change towards my health. That day at work I stayed away from the sugary stuff and that afternoon I signed up for the gym to start next day (which I did and still going strong).

We all have an item in our closets that is NOT our size but miraculously we fit, that item is forever worn and protected because they are your go to item when something special creeps up on you and you want minimal effort but drop dead diva in 5. I am happy to report that 3 weeks after my system shocker I am back in my got to jeans but as my HUGE TUMMY is in my way I am yet to start buttoning it them up.

How did I mange to squeeze in 3 weeks on, everyday exercise size and healthy eating. My exercise was not only at the gym but at the house too, I practice what I am taught in the gym at home and I don’t eat after 8 only drinks or unless on night out which means double effort in gym.

Thanks for reading my blog, please know I love comments and appreciate them greatly.