Relationships: Our Story – How we met

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One day after a long day at college I decided to take my brother up on using the computer/Internet to meet new people. So went to to register but ‘someone’ won’t say who! had already registered me, I got some really interesting propositions and some am sad to say should never be said to a lady like mwa ka!

So 2 years later after meeting and kissing a few frogs, multiple disappointing dates and websites I decided it’s time to give up and just meet people the old fashioned way (my imagination thought I was gonna bump into someone and instantly hit it off and wala).But something caught my eye on couldn’t believe what I saw (nothing naughty) I decided I was gonna say hello and if no response will officially close the account and start looking among the living. 
Before I knew what was happening I was chatting to this nice young man very interesting and all this happened after what I would call an argument he would call it a misunderstanding. From that day on (13/01/08), we chatted every day and talked like old friends with a sparkle. On 19/01/08 we decided to meet in person First date we chatted in the car then went to cinema after went to the local pub. Am sure his ears are burning still we talked (well I talked) for hours before I realised it was late and this only happened because mother rung. 
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