Relationships: Long Distance – Fight for Love

***First published on July 10, 2013 @ PBA***

Long distance relationships, how do people make them work? Well I personally think it takes commitment on both sides in equal measure to make it work, I think if both parties are compromising equally and always listen and look out for one another then it can and will work. Apart from these two people loving each other they have to trust each other too, because a relationship without trust is more often than none compared to a body without the head. I will be honest and say this out right if you don’t trust your partner then mate start looking for a new partner or do something about it to fix that and am not talking about quick fix am talking about COMMUNICATION AND HONEST to one another. I myself have been in a long distance relationship before and I guess am experiencing that now but our distance is just 2 hours by car and 3 hours give or take by train, so we are within reach of each other. I feel for people who have a distance of a continent by that I mean you here (UK) and your partner is in USA, AUSTRALIA, ASIA or AFRICA or even vice versa. How do you go about’s making it work? It all comes back to what have mentioned above, TRUST accompanied by LOVE, COMMUNICATION, HONEST and FRIENDSHIP. Many people forget the friendship part just because you in a relationship does not mean you cant be friends hell you already friends but I mean doing thinks you would do with your friends normally if they were abroad like sending messages or you see something that reminds you of them and you just post an e-mail or text and just tell them what you’ve seen or done that reminds you of them. We all want to know that the people who are far away miss you as crazily as you miss them because thinking that they don’t remember you of they have completely forgotten you well that just drives paranoia which is never good for anyone because that usually leads to rushed decisions that you usually end up regretting later.

If you are in a long distance relationship, what have you done to make sure that that relationship does not or has not failed? How do you go about living your life without that person you love being around or being able to contact you as much as you would like?

People who are in the ARMY, how do you copes? How do you do it? Have read stories what people who’ve gone to war and there loved ones waited for them, in this context loved one are referring to BF/GF/Fiance etc.

Let me know how you’ve done it and how you inspire other people to go on because I know first hand its not easy.

Much love peeps…Comment below and send me your reviews or whatever.

  • Absolutely Honesty and communication are very important to long term commitment.

  • I've never been in a long distance relationship, but I imagine the keys to success include honesty and communication.

  • Awwww bless glad to hear that and happy for you

  • Thanks Krystal I think the lack of willingness to commit is what usually breaks most LDR

  • I've never been in a long distance relationship. I can't imagine how hard that would be. I've been married for 21 years and he's been home every night just about. My hats off to those who make it work being so far apart.

  • I tried a long distance relationship when I was in college. It was so much for my young mind to process! It didn't end up working out, but not because of the distance. I think I was too young to fully commit. Good read!

  • Thanks Michelle, it's gat to be true love with all the pain and missing the other so far away and making it work after all the trials and tribulation.

  • Definitely glad his now your hubby, if both wanted it as much as am sure you did then can make it work, sacrifice on both sides.

  • I love success stories Fiona, when i hear some got married and managed to do it with less than usual hassle lol, good luck to your friend.

  • I too tried and it just didnt work out but now though i would not exactly classify us as long distance sometimes feels like that as can only see boo boo over the weekend. Talking on the phone helps

  • I did a long distance relationship for awhile with my now-husband. It was really hard, but it was easier for us because of Skype. I think long distance is worth working through. They are really hard, but hopefully it won't be long distance forever!

  • What a beautiful and very strong picture. It definitely is difficult having your partner or even loved ones to be far away from you but it is definitely important to keep in communication as much as possible. It is such a beautiful love story to see two people separated from such a long, extensive period of time then see them together once again. I call that true love. Excellent post, very inspiring.

  • I've tried doing the long distance thing before.. and it was cross country with a 3 hour time difference. it was the worst time difference though because whenever you are waking up they are sleeping.. when you're winding down the night.. the other person is out at dinner.. or just out in general. i feel like a 12 hour diff would be a slight bit better.. even though travel is hard.. at least talking on the phone would be easier. 😛 needless to say it didn't really work out.

  • Such a great post Myrabev. I've never been in a long distance relationship myself but I know so many people who have been and they're all now married to their partners – it's amazing! The visa has been an issue for some, with one friend of mine still waiting for clearance to the UK even though she is married to her husband, they got married in her hometown in the US. I think long distance would be so hard, I don't know if I could do it.

  • Absolutely testing and very trying but love with the help of trust and hope conquers all

  • It can be hard and very trying but having love and trust I think helps a whole lot

  • This is such a lovely post to be honest me and my partner never really fought we were together I guess we naturally enjoyed each others company so we would usually plan to meet whenever possible. Long distance is very hard and puts people in an uncompromising position but I got through it, so i know its possible.

  • I've never actually been in a long distance relationship, but I can imagine that they can be very testing and hard at times.