Relationships: Growing together

Hello Guys&Dolls!! Happy Wednesday!

Welcome back to my relationship series, today’s blog we will quickly touch on growing together and what that means. Relationships are hard work but they are only as hard as you make them, it’s so easy to watch other peoples relationship and wish you had that. All well and good admiring a good healthy relationship but I was taught long time ago “don’t wish to live like your neighbour, you never know what deals with the devil they had to make” in other words don’t wish to have what they have without knowing there inner story. 
Over the last 6 years my partner and I have been growing together nicely and moulding wonderfully. I will not sugarcoat it, it was hard at times but we both knew what we wanted out of this relationship, where we were headed and what we had to do to get their. 

We have made scarifies both of us, some we did not like at that time but I always believe The Lord wouldn’t willingly let me fall in a pit without a heads up first. I know people always say “oh I never knew a thing” when the break up but think carefully about it because God will always give you the signs, if you pray about it they will light up like a Christmas tree. 
My advice is -:
* pray about it in private just you and the good lord
* pray together and work together to compliment each other. 
* Trust one another, the benefit of the doubt is the key.
* love and Accept each other as you are with all the imperfections. 
* Most importantly listen to one another so you can really hear your partner, grow together and believe in each other.
Thank you for reading my blog, I hope this was helpful. Please comment below for anything. 
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