Relationships: Cougar V. Sugadaddy

Question? How come if a woman dates a young man they are called “Cougar” and usually makes it sound wrong but when a man dates a young woman it’s ok or rarely classified as sugar daddy?

At first when women “non-celebrity” dated/married a young man they were termed cradle robbers? But no body minded as much when older man married a young woman. To me it seems women have and are still being judged more harshly than their male counterparts. I myself am guilty in a small way to feeling some weirdness dating a young man but i feel it’s ok for me to date an older guy. I am in no way against dating someone younger than yourself I think it depends on the person. For me I feel like anyone younger than me can’t be viewed anything more than my brother, don’t get me wrong am not saying younger men are less better than older men but its my preferences and my opinion.

My opinion may have been influenced more by the fact that every guy I dated who was my age or a little older always behaved childishly. It’s well known that in most cases women develop faster “in maturity” than men that’s just how it is and having witnessed that myself over the years I just felt going out with someone younger than me was a no no. Again don’t misquote me their are men out there who have developed either faster or same as their female counterparts but their are a few. 
Now I have blabbed on about “maturity” now let me explain this, a mature minded  man with his senses in tact will always think of the bigger picture not just here and now and neglect the future. He will be putting others before himself, commitment does not scare him he embraces it. He cherishes what he has doesn’t always trade it up for a new joy every time his bored instead he works at it and if cant work he discusses it and bids his farewell. Maybe I am thinking of a fictional character here but I would like to think that, that kind of men have described are out there and my man is one of them. To the ladies I will say this don’t just choose the one with the money choose that one whose working for it who has a dream, ambition and can support himself, you and if ever happens your kids too. These days it’s not easy and am not saying compromise to the point of dying no just don’t overlook them all because you have certain desires. If he ticks 6/10 take him and work together on the other 4.  
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