Persona Confessions: What Makes Me Happy!!!

Often enough in life we reach a point in our lives when we ask, what makes me happy? There so many teachings and sayings around happiness but for me it’s simple MY FAMILY both my side and my partners side. I have had the pleasure of growing up in an extended family household, I remember when I was a kid my 2 uncles and 2 aunties lived with us and every school holiday we had my cousins come to stay with us. It was always a packed house the minimum number of adults and kids in our house at any one time during school holidays was 13 so you can imagine it was a very busy household but it was fun and filled with love.

So I guess you could say through out my childhood have been conditioned to always count on my family and always put my family’s happiness first above all else, because for me when my family is happy and content so am I. I am not talking about riches, everyone with money in there pockets! as much as that would be nice it’s not what am on about, I am saying loving one another is enough for me and taking care of my family is enough to cause me happiness and put my beautiful smile on display.

Right now am with my partners family and we being together enjoying some fishing, reminiscing and just looking out for each other is enough. Having moved away from my parents house I don’t get to see them as often as I would like but we talk as much as we can.
Family is important, remember it’s not only your blood family that you should find happiness with it’s the people that are always there for you blood or no blood.

I hope when you read this post you will find some happiness in your own family and cherish that because remember not all have the good fortune like you and me.
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